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  1. nice work! i really like your final fantasy one. the blade looks really cool.
  2. no pushing in like that. but i'll rate yours and minoeman's. minoeman your coloured one is alright but try to fill up some darkness. 7.5/10 RyuinfinityPDN, text is bad but apart from that 7.9/10 your current sig has :AntiAliasingOff: text, and try changing font: 8/10 RATE:
  3. your current sig is quite nice. its suits you. 8/10 rate: and rate my current sig please, thank you!
  4. that sig doesn't work. 3.5/10 no border, text is weird, stupid concept. yea sorry. its just not right for me...
  5. 6.5/10 that border doesn't work, change it. blur the edges of your render. but to me that sig doesn't work. sorry rate: rate:
  6. 8/10. your colors aren't the best, and the text is hard to read. but overall quite nice. New Sig
  7. 8/10 quite nice effects. though you could have done the black & white/brightness and contrast effect a bit better. um try adding something in the blank area on the right hand side. quite good though :wink: New Tag!
  8. 8.5/10, a very nice job for a christmas sig. an awesome job. i like that star. and the light. maybe add depth to the back? oh, Gamer World. um an 8/10, taking that shot is quite nice, but it isn't a wow. uh since you only have that photo and pretty much nothing else i don't really like it: Rate:
  9. an 8/10, your brushes are nice. it gives an effect like luigi is jumping in the water. quite nice. rate:
  10. A 7/10, its quite blurry, all your sigs have the same BG, try something new, and don't make it look dirty with the fragments and yellow stuff around him. Rate:
  11. Awesome!. i always wondered how you did it. nice. this is my result with a sig:
  12. Nice sig! 9/10, your depth is very good. i would like to know how you made that sig. it's good as it is. Rate:
  13. Your smudging is awesome. i like your gallery.
  14. This is what i got after some blur and some playing with.
  15. This what i got: Before: After: But i can't really blur the brushes since the background is C4Ds. Not brushes
  16. Thanks for the compliment. You mean this?:
  17. @ Cazaron Quite a nice sig you have, though not my type. Your writing is kinda hard to read at first, your background is alright, but the effect you have apart from the light, could be played with a little. 7/10
  18. thanks for the compliment shK_828, your sig has a quite a nice background, bad render , but just like topHATslash said to me BGs are nice but Focals are nicer, so a 7.5/10 so maybe put some effects, brushes etc, on top of your render too. Rate:
  19. 8/10, to me the size is quite weird. nice work with the C4Ds though,guess you could put text and a border? and try soften portraiting the render
  20. Nice Work, maybe you should make some new signatures, i like your star of david picture, though maybe try using C4Ds and fractals for the next picture you make
  21. Thanks for posting! and thanks for the tips tHs, i'll try it out
  22. your work is awesome!, i like your smudging, keep it up!
  23. Nice! i like your use of vectors. your second sig is my fav. keep it up!
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