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  1. Basically I'm trying to print a bar code onto black card. I need there to be a white background underneath the bar code otherwise the entire thing will come out black. I've tried creating a "draw filled shape" with white and pasting the bar code onto a layer above that but it does not work! Does anyone know how I can do it?
  2. Link is broken... Is there another link anywhere?
  3. Is there a photouploading site that accepts images of this type? Photobucket doesn't...
  4. Thank you Mr Admin man. Lets hope I can get it to work.
  5. You see the text on Wall-E that says Wall-E. Is there any way for me to remove the text but keep the background without using the lasso select or magic wand? If there is not is there a way to smudge the bits around the text over the white gaps left when you use the magic wand?
  6. How do I save an image as a Render so that I can go to Effects, then Render and see it there. Thank You.
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