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  1. My Own Creation Of A Tornado Hidden Content:
  2. Thank you guys for the support! Am not popular, am just showing my creations A hint for you is to look at Photoshop tutorials and try to make the same in PdN. It works
  3. New picture: Windows Se7en! Hidden Content:
  4. Hidden Content: Agree whit you Rick. PdN on 7en works fine. I haven't got any problems here. and i think the whole application got much faster.. And yes, i do have a 1,75Ghz computer(with 7en) so what? fast enough So why not stop asking about the dancing thingy? it's way more better this way (atleast for me that is color blind...)
  5. Yeah, it's best for you all to run and hide for the Dooms Day and thank you sokagirl
  6. Thank you guys ^^ If someone is following the Smallville episodes would might recognize it's allmost a copy of "ZoD"
  7. Why did i start this Post? Answer: I need some infomations or i can share some. And it's free for everyone to share or ask! Let's go stright on which computer am going to buy in next month: Hidden Content: This 32" Full HD for drawing pictures, creating music and to watch movie and more... just to fit all my projects so i can start working "bigger screen can i not have in my department" And then a Packard Bell IXtreme. Specifics: AMD Phenom II Quad Core [2,80 Ghz*4] RAM: 8Gb CPU Memory: 6 MB L2 HardDisk: 1 TeraByte So tell me what you guys think ^^
  8. Looks realy good! but maybe use the Joker text whit 2 layers. one for "Clear Text" and the other one whit the Glow Effect. That would be nice!
  9. T Joker: a hint for you. Begin reading some tutorials (you will find them here: viewforum.php?f=29) And download some plugins(from here: viewforum.php?f=16) Or do as i did to create my own taste. That will mean: From scratch By testing other methods to get the pictures you want it
  10. Update: Doomsday is coming: Hidden Content: Meet me at Facebook Hidden Content: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AmadeusX/90783030921?ref=ts
  11. the picture whit the "earth" should have to be more blurred(more 3D realistic) and at same time flat a picture upon it. else it looks good
  12. Thank you Onemorelevel, HELEN Onemorelevel: Yeah, i could make a simple tutorial. HELEN: You will get some more pictures. and not only whit black background colors
  13. Haven't been here for ages, but atleast i've made one picture for you Paint.Net Fans Hidden Content:
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