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  1. Thank you! Also a new picture I've made!
  2. Hi Helen Yeah it's been a while since last one. I've been running mac in my computer. And I wont install Photoshop. And now I've got a new computer with Windows 7 running. So what I actually did after i installed Avast Anti-virus was Paint.net I hope you like my old style More is coming
  3. New One! Look a like Predators...
  4. New one... Hidden Content: See me on Facebook Hidden Content: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AmadeusX/90783030921?ref=ts
  5. A picture of me. One thing.. It's kinda old this picture...
  6. "My 4th spacescape still not very realistic but closer" I can not agree on that one mate. Looks awesome!!! But would be more awesome in 1920 * 1080 And 71 layers. booya. that's a lot. Usually i stick with max. 7 layers. Anyway, Awesome picture! For being honest: Is the best picture I ever seen on this forum! Next time draw Mona Lisa?
  7. Lovely pictures Helen! You know I always like them! Been a while since i was a active drawer. Now I don't have the time to be drawing 10 pictures every day. Have work + computer fixes, programming, music creations. And a life to catch
  8. Classified Picture. Now leaked... Hidden Content: See me on Facebook Hidden Content: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AmadeusX/90783030921?ref=ts
  9. Nice tutorial, i should take a look at it
  10. if i do like this: Hidden Content: i would have to make it as a "caption mode" but now i did have desktop icons instead And for those who knows about Spirit JB for iPhone, so that was just a simple fan picture
  11. Thank you all. Only the iPhone picture and iPhone desktop picture i did take from the internet, the rest is done by me. And the shape i have no idea how i made it, looks nice to me
  12. A new one! And sorry if i haven't been online!
  13. Thxn Axle, and yes, I know about the lamps, but the idea were to make it this way "am evil you know"
  14. Yeah i know. Did came up with the idea yesterday. made the picture in about 10 minutes, not much todo for making that one
  15. My Own Creation Of A NanoBomb! Hidden Content:
  16. Aislin, you should find it on my Gallery. Lovely pictures you've made!
  17. The dog is a little flat did Genius mean.. But it's a good start. Try more or read some tutorials and try combine them and am pretty sure you will get some nice pictures!
  18. My Own Creation Of A Alien! Hidden Content:
  19. My Own Creation Of A Tornado Warning: Picture size is: 1980 / 1080 Hidden Content:
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