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  1. Hehe, i can't explain how to do them, i'm only playing whit a few plugins that you can find on this forum... And so on playing whit layers, and the plugin Polar Inversion is in good use if you want something like this
  2. Sounds good Mojopanel... after that you may play a little test a few things and then see what u'll get out on the screen
  3. Start today mojopanel: http://www.dotpdn.com/files/Paint.NET.3.36.zip
  4. Thankyou Urnemanden Why am only using dark powers is because: color blind... If am using other background colors wouldn't i like, Black is perfect match for my eyes to see It's like to be James Bond, but we color blinds see allmost everything in black and white But every colors you guys might see on my pics is only what i may think could fit in
  5. ElectricFire (BoltBait's Plugin):
  6. Well, if you guys make it to a golf ball then it would look better
  7. Thankyou Telamon And i hope i'll soon as possible be better on Painting I really like PDN
  8. Here is one for napster: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rest am just putting out for fun
  9. Another pic i've made for today (I hope it will be the last one for today.. My head will say boom lmao) Called: HellsGate
  10. That's the point mate I like them to be more blurry than sharpen, If they are more sharpen i don't like them :S
  11. Am using Average blur, sharpen+, glow, Zoom blur deluxe, fire plugins.
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