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  1. Thanks for the replys. I wanted "Tech" to be more darkened. What I think: If both are the same, the pictures is boring. With a little change. Is better. I were wondering if i would leave it as the other one. But naah, I wanted it more dark
  2. Thank you for the replys! Another new one.
  3. A fantasy picture? Looks real to me Good job there!
  4. Continue drawing pictures. I'm by they way still a newbie. And I have used this application for a long long time.
  5. Looks nice. But have you tried downloading some plugins to Paint.Net?
  6. The login picture is not 100% mine
  7. A new one I did put more or less than 3 hours to make. Notice, the eagle is a font. But only a font.
  8. Thank you! There is no fire in the picture. It's in the font. The font is downloaded from a page
  9. Thank you Helen and barbieq25! Another signature I made for a while time ago.
  10. made for fun. But nothing i were about to create
  11. Thank you guys! The picture is not really done. But I made it as fast I could. But I could add some more details and make the last "bugs" look better I will maybe soon release an other picture. Maybe it will be 10x better
  12. 2nd time I'm remaking a picture of me. So this is the resault:
  13. 2nd time I'm remaking a picture of me. So this is the resault:
  14. I hope I did understand you. Here is a Signature.
  15. Hmmm, I use Lasso, Feather, Color flip/rotate, Ereaser, Gradient and a lot of layers, making the tear: 3 layers. 2 white "dots" and then color flip/rotate and use properties so you get those cool effects. and more try it out!
  16. I'm using my own method. Here is the outcome: http://i.imgur.com/B4Z1N.jpg
  17. Have you updated the drivers for the scanner/printer? By re-installing them could fix this problem you got.
  18. Hi! And thank you for the replys! I did not use Blur that much. It was only when i flattened the picture. I will be working on a new one, and I also updated my Drivers for the graphic card. And next one will be a better one. I promise! I don't like blured pictures. And this one went wrong. But I did write that I have no idea when next picture will be released. When I get a picture in my head I will draw it And if someone is interested in what kind of plugins I'm using so feel free to ask!
  19. Interesting page you have! Nice with realistic pictures!
  20. New One! A little blured the logo. Just a simple project. Only took me max. 10 Min.
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