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  1. At first, I was like, "OMG RU KIDDIN ME!?" Sometimes, it takes me a minute to remember that the entire world is not composed of geeks. Yup, agree to that
  2. :shock: WOW These effects ROCK and theyre perfect for when im bored Great Plugin Pyrosig
  3. « that there is a maplestory char and my sig old sig
  4. - 3 dmg each card >.> thats tonnes My name comes from my name - Steven H Kim (yes im korean >.>) and 828 is my bday- so that i dont forget
  5. Colts win Superbowl, sadly you dont have a tv or match tickets, so u cant see the match I wish i had Windows 7 - Non-Beta
  6. YEA- >off-topic< Wrath Of Lich King - new lv 80 limit
  7. Wow, this plugin is amazing- it could be used for evil or good :? Still awesome
  8. First Fractal Ever- I was bored today =] 100% PdN-
  9. *Poof* You get a nice car, then you crash it and insurance wont cover it >.< I wish i could code stuff
  10. 1st, stop shouting 2nd, i didn't know they had free transport in NSW, another reason to support the state of origin Hmm, the point of ranting is to release my anger, isnt it? and [/off-topic] NSW ORIGIN FTW
  11. [/rant] Sigh ==" Im Steven, a PdN Addict What really blows my top is that most people at school have PdN, but they dont use it at all AND- the fact that some other kid is very wrong at school *edit* Another Rant - some teacher keeps picking on meh, shes either deaf or very very slack/biased/hates azns SHE YELLS AT ME FOR NO REASON! AND ONE RANT ABOUT POLITICS Nathan Rees - Getting rid of Free Transport for Students, i mean, im not blowing out 700$ for transport and school buses smell BAD :evil: [/endrant]
  12. well, i went to watch Hancock and its awesome but id have to say, the classics are the Harry Potter Films and Indiana Jones, well for me anyways =D One of the best animated movies- The Futurama Movie Just hilarious and typical Futurama
  13. Linkin Park - In The End Breaking The Habit Points Of Authority A Place For My Head Cure For The Itch Pushing Me Away One Step Closer Faint Numb Number Encore and my favourite - Shadow Of the Day Canadian Idiot by Weird Al is pretty funny too
  14. i personally, go for Obama, because McCain is too old and his policies are very similar to those of Bush's
  15. mine quite simple, but brightens up my day
  16. first time at doing anything on Paint.NET =P links to the sources http://www.abcdefu.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/firefox.jpg http://www.i151.photobucket.com/albums/s215/ldl67/untitled-23.jpg http://www.dclips.fundraw.com/zobo500dir/mouse_pointer_wolfram_es_01.jpg http://www.rofressbie.org/icons/reload.jpg house icon © shk_828 yes, i know the cursor is huge, but oh well, big is good *edit* just realised == this is a comp to skin a website == oh well =P
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