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  1. Thanks again, tried again and hey presto it's there! Oh yeah it is in adjustments, but now I don't have time to play with it - too tired!
  2. Hmm, thought I installed properly, but will try it all again, Thanks guys
  3. You won't find it in Adjustments. It's actually in the Effects menu. :-) David David, It's in Adjustments. :idea: Ok maybe I'm slightly more than semi-retarded, looked in there as well and still can't find it Maybe I'll try the whole process again from scratch, Thanks
  4. Hi, I downloaded this and whacked it in the 'effects' folder, closed and opened Paint.Net, but I can't find it in Adjustments to use. I am aware that I am semi-retarded when it comes to this sort of stuff (but I have sucessfully added other plugins), please help me - I REALLY want this one!!! & :?
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