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  1. Another 100% PDN I hope you'll like it: Daisy
  2. 100% PDN took two hours of work: Vase Colors:
  3. After merging the layers, save the file as JPG , the white background of the logo layer is not the same tune of the white background of the soled layer that you created.Give it a try because it happens with me some times.
  4. Files with .pdn extension doesn't open with other applications and programs.. :!:
  5. Does PDN support several files saving , like saving the all files that are currently open in the program?And name them like frame1,frame2,frame3........frame9.So that will be very helpful for making a sequence of files and save them with one click for animation purpose :?:
  6. I do the same way, but didn't know about the align plugin , I just tried it , it makes the work much much better and faster thank you very much, and thank you moc426 for the plugin its very useful
  7. That's mean how to repeat a selected object in specified number of times and distance in pixels or inches between the centers of repeated images, this for a straight line repeating (left, right, up...). And if it is possible for doing this in angular way, repeating an object around a point in a specified angle for specified number of times or number of degrees? I wonder if there is a plug-in or an easy way to do this instead of copy, rotate and paste? I hope you understood my question because my English is not good , and here are two simple drawings to clear that:
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