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  1. Congratulations Dryda, very nice logo indeed And also VodkaPrincess, Sasha, SAND33P and daniels (and thanks for hosting), nice logos
  2. This may help : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/12895-create-a-waving-flag-using-displacement
  3. Red Ochre, This is so cool, it gives good hope to bald guys like me Hidden Content:
  4. Sorry, I have missed some of your work, you know you have your own school art, I need some time to absorb the ideas. The last galleria stuff is amazing, congrats.
  5. Last four images are so beautiful, I especially love "Catch My Dream". glad to new work from you
  6. @ mackenzieh, Excellent result, try to curve the line using right mouse button to get a B├ęzier curve. So you have mastered the tutorial , now we need see your creativity and to what levels you can take it.
  7. Thanks Red for the nomination, and thanks EER for accepting, And all I appreciate your kind words and support , pdnnoodb, barbie, sasha, HELEN and Drew. Good point barbie, I am really not sure about that, I have checked some real photos having same concepts on google, but all of them showed a straight horizon line, may be its true if it is a sea level? Or you mean something other else than the curvature of the earth?
  8. I use Photoscape, it is free. In my image I created the frames in PDN using Water Reflection plugin, then animated them in Photoscape. I use a complicated method to create the frames for the animations, by using PDN simultaneously with another application that saves me more than 90% of the time.
  9. Thanks so much david, and great to see you posting again. It is actually 100% PDN, all cogs made basiclly using these 2 tutorial, then playing with Droste and some other plugins and effects. I trying for long time to make a text version of the first method, but lack of time is the problem.
  10. I like the bravery in both, especially the second one, very nice work barbie
  11. Or do you mean something like this: If yes then you need a GIF animator.
  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, DrewDale, Daniels, HELEN, dug, barbie, Welshy, Beta, Pixey (Glad you liked the Alpha Blur) and DarkShock (it is always so nice to see the old friends) You guys/Gals are all awesome Here is another try, little darker:
  13. That is Halftone effect, Download it from this package: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/18811-ed-harvey-effects/ Or this: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/26731-trs-halftone-plugin/ HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS
  14. Congratulations HELEN, that deserves the win, it is so nice. Also congrats Dug and PDNnoob, and everyone, great images.
  15. Very nice Welshblue, did you make the creases effect in PDN, can we see the original please?
  16. Thank you HELEN, This is the link:
  17. Hello HELEN, People are requesting me to have this tutorial as a video version, looks like they have some problems of understanding of how some tools, effects and layers are being used. and they need it to be done with only using the native tools and effects of PDN, no any additional plugins. So I have created a video as they requested, But I think I messed up the sequence of some layers , but it looks so understandable. Any ways, I can't publish it to the web (YouTube) unless if I get your permission on that, I will give you the credit, in the video and also in the YouTube details Page. Thanks. EDIT: I forgat to put the result:
  18. Try to enlrage the original using 2D Image Filter plugin and choose HQ-3x or Eagle-3x. sometimes I get better results 2D Image Filter: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24270-hawkynts-2d-imagefilter-library/
  19. Happy Birthday barbie, have a great day.
  20. Wow, Pixey, this is very nice, it reminds me of Sonyericsson logo concepts. I like it, we really miss your beautiful work.
  21. I suggest using Liquify, Grid Warp and Alpha Dispalcement plugins: Liquify: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=20688 Grid Warp: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=25327 Alpha Dispalcement: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/9869-displacement-and-alpha-mask-plugin070608v1411/ And some highlight and shadow will enhance the depth as well.
  22. Accidently, when I started using PDN, and reported it few years ago, and someone say it is windows behave, I think was pyrochild. since that day I am using either your method or this EDIT: I have to pull my words back, I am sorry wasn't actually pyrochild, I can't remeber exactly who was, but I found my questions thread: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/20345-the-selection-gets-stuck-to-the-mouse-pointer/
  23. I know this is off topic, but there is another way, I think it is a bug in the windows system but you can take advantage of it: While you are in the canvas area, press and hold both left and right mouse, then move to any PDN utility window or a task bar and release them there. Now you can adjust the shape of the selection just by moving the mouse, and by left mouse to position it . Doing this while pressing the Shift key will help adjust and position an exact shape, and the arrow keys for fine tuning.
  24. Red ochre, thanks for the explanation, that was fantastic, especially the grey gradient part, And EER for the great idea. So here I didn't use a gradient from black to white, but from a very light grey to white, I believe I had better result: This same drop tut but on irregular white dots:
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