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  1. Many of us can only dream....and everything starts with a dream. Ishi, thanks so much for the nice and kind words, Many names here have great talent, but each with his/her own way and touch. I am glad you found and liked my YouTube channel. After the update to version-4, I am thinking of updating the channel or may be deleting it, I haven't decided yet but just heads up. Thanks again. This was my last sig in SOTW #97 for more details.
  2. Thank you Welsh, BBQ, Doughty, Dug, janettsue and all, Merry Christmas and have a blessed day.
  3. To everybody, have a very Merry Chrsitmas, and a Happy Blessed New Year 2014
  4. Congratulation Skullbonz and Helen, and nice work everyone And thanks Chimay for hosting
  5. Could be this? http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/10631-color-match/
  6. For quick clean result, you need to use Alpha Mask Import plugin: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1854-alpha-mask-import-plugin-20/ How to Install Plugins 1-Create your shapes layer and Put it on top: 2-Then the text layer (name it mask): 3-Then last bottom one the background and choose whatever color as desired for this layer: 4-Activate the Mask layer by clicking on it in the Layers Window then Select the Mask layer: Edit>Select All and copy it to clipboard: Edit>Copy 5-Apply Alpha Mask Import plugin on the "Shapes" layer with these settings: to get something like this: Hope this help.
  7. Sorry if it looks weird, but I liked to share it
  8. Congratulations Welshy, Drew, Mottoman, Pixey, Daniels, Sasha, Dug And Skullbonz. Was great comp with very nice designs Congrats Daniels on the second place, and thanks for hosting the comp, well done.
  9. @Pixey, amazing work, I love it, congratulations on the first place. at first look when I opened it, I didn't realize it was your name in english letters but chinese style..., Dug, Sasha and barbie, very nice entries. And DrewDale, congratulations on the fourth place and to the great hosting and running the comp.
  10. Yes wow, great changes and excellent improvement to the speed of rendering, now how come it is so fast than before? Thanks Red ochre for the great work.
  11. I am sorry to post in here, but looks like my PhotoBucket account bandwidth has exceeded the limited. I am not sure how possible is to replace the link in the list of voting, with this one from "imgur.com" Feel free to remove my entry if is not doable to change the link, so we don't confuse the voters. Thanks.
  12. Yes it is possible, and actually is quite easy, For an image like this you need only Drop Shadow How to install plugin
  13. Exactly what barbie said, a very beautiful sig,
  14. Like this: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/CloneStamp.html Press F1 while PDN is open, will take you to the general help page Edit: to get smooth edges, reduce the opacity of the primary color in the Color Pallet
  15. EXIST, is amazing, I ove it Other 3 are very nice too, especially SKYDRIOD, your work looks so professional.
  16. Good to have you back DS Some very nice new sigs, looks like you are in a pink mood lately, , that means you are having some good and happy times.
  17. The remake "Drink More Saloon" now it looks much better, very good improvment. And the new spacescapes are nice, so colorful and pleasant I like this one too
  18. Great image, barbie, the gold is amazing. I really miss PP"s work, and I just checked his page on dA, he is acutally still active and post there.
  19. Wow, Skullbonz, you are really so good at perspective, the image has a great depth all because of the well managing the objects I like the steps and the roof finish, if you add a pendant light from the eave it will help you to manage the highlights and shadows. I love it as it is, but the 3 signs really need some work to match the scene.
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