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  1. Doughty, , yes, your sig deserves it, it is really nice And Welshy that is awesome modern comic effect. Well done everyone, especially Ella And thanks Chimay again for hosting.
  2. Wow, Skullbonz, this is awesome , and I totally agree with Barbie, that was the first impression came to my mind,
  3. Or, - Add a new layer: Layers>Add New Layer - Fill it with white color using Paint Bucket tool and set the blend mode to Additive - Type your text in black, lower the opacity of this layer as desired them move the text around to the prefered position.
  4. Congratulations Pixey, I would certainly buy one of those if I have enough money , that would be great to have around the house. do they do outdoors work too, in a rainy day? lol Congrats also to all, there were some nice ideas. Thanks Daniels for the great hosting.
  5. Passed by here, to say I like you current Sig, it is really great, good job And there is also some nice stuff in here,
  6. @ HELEN, that is so beatiful, Congratulations And congrtualtions also to Elle and DrewDale, Very nice entries of all. Yep Chimay for great hosting, I am sorry couldn't participate in this round..
  7. It depends, how you need it, side to side only, or four side seamless texture? And also on how the details of the texure are important or part of the game, In PDN you need to do the seamless manually, There are few helper tools and plugins, but you need to remove the seams by using Clone Stamp tool or Alpha Blur plugin.
  8. @ nitenurse and barbie, thank you very much, I am glad you like it. @ Good catch, I have reviewed the file carefully and saw few more mistakes and misspelling, I will correct them and repost it again, Thanks for pointing that out, and awesome result you have there @ Pixey, you are very welcome, I hope the tute is clear enough, if you have any question please let me know, @ Goonfella, first of all, it is great to see you again here, and appreciate for passing by and leaving a comment
  9. In this tutorial we are going to create a shape like this: Suggest a name. Level: moderate Plugins required: Align Object Kaleidoscope AA’s_Assistant Diffuse Alpha Mask Import Drop Shadow Polar transformation Mirror The File is PDF, find it in the attachments If you have any Qestion, please ask here. Thanks, hope you like it Centipede Rose Tute.pdf
  10. Congratulations Doughty, Ventor and HELEN, Doughty, that was really beatiful. Thanks Daniels for great hosting.
  11. @ Pixey and Blackpenny, Thank you very much, And I will make a tutorial for that. just trying to make it as simple as I could, I am sure it's gonna be short. I was working on the Soda Can one, but it came out huge, almost 50 screenshots don't know how to simplify it.
  12. Sorry for the double post, Congratulationss, HELEN, Blackpenny, and Welshy. Nice work everyone, I have noticed that you have raised the bar in this round. Great job Chimay, thanks for hosting @ nitenurse, thanks so much, I am so pleased to hear that. this was the main element that I created & used. http://i562.photobucket.com/albums/ss69/sargon2/pdn/jewwel-22_zps066c5b65.jpg
  13. I am sorry, but I have to say I haven't had time to try enough PDN-4, I downloaded it and rolled back to V-3.6 after few days, because most of the plugins weren't working with me, but I really like v-4 and its new amazing features. I came here to say thank you very much pyro for the update, I really appreciate your hard working on the excellent plugins, And also to all our great plugins creators, thank you so much everyone. I am wondering pyro, if all your plugins are now compatible with v-4? Thanks again.
  14. I am almost sure that Alpha Blur plugin was used here, (Not sure if Alpha Blur is compatible with PDN-4) Just use the eraser (with large size) and erase unwanted parts of the photo, then run the Alpha Blur and adjust the blurred edge. http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/24280-alpha-blur-v2-2012-03-05/ And here are some other methods: http://pdnfans.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=tuts&action=display&thread=64 Video: Use Lasso instead of Ellipse selection:
  15. Happy Birthday Welshy, wish you had a great day.
  16. Or maybe something close to this? http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19456-blending-pictures/ Or this: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26432-need-to-blur-the-edges-of-images-for-client-website/
  17. Congratulations Barbie, Helen and welshblue, Nice entries everyone, and thanks Chimay
  18. Congratulation winners , and again it is great to be here, thanks BoltBait for putting this.
  19. Thanks Chimay for the correction, I was talking actually about the year, No doubt DD/MM/YY makes sense more than MM/DD/YY, I don't know why the system in the US is still like that, and they are not trying to change it,
  20. Great tutorial Red ochre, thanks so much And great result everyone, so nice to see each ones own touch. I need to try, it looks so fun to do.
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