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  1. Amazing how tiny touch could make a big difference, the shadows really enhanced the whole subject.! Well done mate
  2. @ ScifiGirl, that is an amazing space scene, I know the ship is not PDN, is the rest PDN? I like the lens flare. By the way, this is Goonfellas gallery thread, usually used for his own work, but I am sure he doesn't mind keep yours here. Why you are not trying to open your own gallery, you really have some interesting ideas?
  3. The red is present strongly, that indicates lots of activity, I like the wall papers all equally. But the boats photo is so special, really beautiful. I can feel the Vignette and Soften effects? What else? Have you tried the Cross Processing? it works great with these kind of photos. I am so glad you posting again.
  4. Another great space image Goonie, I really like the details and the textures, plus the depth steps form the foreground to the background, nice feeling to it. With everything have been mentioned, I would agree, But also, I think the light on the ringed planet won't be like that with the sun in that position, it will show as a thin crescent, unless if you assumed that there is two suns, but in this case the small moon will get same amount/direction of light as the planet, but you already made it as a crescent, then that is the only sun, so both they should have same faces. I really don't like to seem so critical, I just liked to share my thoughts. I like it and wish if it was available in a larger size.
  5. @ Brazos, as I remember, here I used two halves for the ring when rendering it in the Shape-3D plugin. This quick video will help you, the quality of the resulted shape is not that good, but I am sure you will understand the concepts. Please let me know if have any question. http://youtu.be/TGTcRjB7Cnc
  6. Beautiful orange orb, another gem added to your wonderful collection. I like the name you call it.
  7. Wow, NASA, that is a great compliment. Thanks DrewDale, Drydreelin, Johnnysdream, Red ochre, HELEN, Doughty, sashwilko, Daniels, EER and Pixey, I am so glad you like it. You Guys/gals are all awesome, I really appreciate your nice and kind words. And thanks Daniels for the nomination, and EER for adding it.
  8. Thanks so much Helen, Sasha and Barbie, for you nice comments Long time, but finally I managed to create something worthy , I mean worthy, by the attention to the form and not the substance, A view to hell: 100% PDN, I feel like there was millions of touches
  9. That last one Sea of Stars is fabulous, I like the lights on the planet, nice touch, and also the whole light effect is so well managed. Plus the reflection of the nebula on the surface is so lovely. Congrats on the galleria.
  10. Great work Skullbonz, I like the long exposure effect on the 258, and that planet looks it lies in the habitable zone, it worth a visit to there, hope they are friendly The only thing it needs - in my opinion - some atmosphere layer, it lacks that, especially when you view it in a full size 3,200px × 2,133px. But nonetheless it is still great.
  11. You made Easter happier to me when I saw your happy image. Congratulations Pixey on the Galleria, it really deserves very very nice. the Perfume Bottle, is amazing, and I like the name too, I don't put perfume, but I like some people when they pass close and they know what brand to put and what to fit their skin, appearance and time, and I am positively sure you're one of who knows.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, @Pixey, that is a good point, but I am not sure if the converted pages (images) of the PDF file will be compatible with the PDN forum rules, I mean if it is possible to manage the image size during the conversion without altering the quality of the contents, I believe the direct written tutorial in the forum pages is the best way to view it, but I am so frustrated from the image hosting sites for been changing the settings/rules every time, especially when the tutorial is being too long. And about the Skydrive and Dropbox, I am not sure how safe is that, @ Doughty, yes exactly, that is what I need, to view the PDF within the browser, I was able to do that before but can't remember how or which host site I was using. Thanks again.
  13. So beautiful entries, I agree with chimay about the varieties and creativity. I especially like DrewDale's, I can almost hear the music through the sig Congratulations everyone for having great inspiration. And for sure again, a big thank to chimay for good hosting.
  14. Yes indeed, wonderful team. Sorry I was away from my PC for few days. And I really apologize for that, Pixey and everyone, looks like ImageShak is not more free, when I signed in trying to address the problem, There was a messege says your 30 days free trial is finished, and you need to upgrade. and all my PDF files were blocked but not deleted, and won't show up again unless I upgrade. Thanks EER, Doughty, TechnoRobbo and everyone. Do you know any image hosting site that supports PDF format.?
  15. Congratulations Pixey and Roackandroll, great work from both of you. Really nice entries from everyone. And thanks Daniels for the hosting.
  16. Great work Goonie, very realistic, the best part is the photo feeder (the lower part) it is excellent, Was it hard to do the perspective on the Rainbow line by the corner ?
  17. Some very nice new stuff here mate, The spacescaps are so believable to me, I like the space colors you've using, and the textures of the planets are great too. Congrats on the galleria
  18. The winner is This right? And I meant this, I don't know why I thought you called it abstract spacescape. But it really deserves the winning, it's so beautiful, and certainly should be hanged somewhere. The thumbnails are working here, the only one is shown as a small box is the Pallet, but when you click it it will view it in dA
  19. Pallet, is so pleasing, great depth to it too. If you don't look directly to it you feel there is and eye watching you. And I like the winner abstract as well, congratulations.
  20. wasn't easy theme, but I was surprised with the number of entries and quality, Congrats Doughty, that is really cool And thanks all for nice the work. Of course big thank to Chimay for hosting
  21. Welshblue has some good designs of credit cards, I remeber he posted some examples and they were done in PDN, But as a tutorial, I don't remeber there is any. This image from welshblue gallery, they look great, aren't they? http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/197/3/0/no_charge_by_pdnwelsh-d6dr7u1.png
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