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  1. Thank you so much Barbie, Pixey, Nitenurse and HELEN, I am glad you like it Well I have to agree that the names that I put to my work doesn't match the whole subject most of the time, yes that is true. But actually I name the final work base on a certain object or effect in the image, as an example, in the a view to hell image, a strange beast face appeared while I was rendering the clouds, and you can still see part of that face down in the center (devil face lol), but I still have the original image. @ Barbie, the blue star on the right, and the red star to the left @ HELEN, don't forget to take a dust mask with you if you are planning to to leave the ship.
  2. Nice feel to it, the deers on the hill are so lovely, and I like also the owl on the tree and the Milky Way/stars beyond the clouds, calmness and peace full place so appealing to me. I am not sure if my screen settings are causing this but there is two circles, one around the fire and one around the far right tent by the windmill Only thing I would try to add is some fog.
  3. Hi tomy, I am not sure if I correctly understood what are you trying to achieve, But if you are after this result, then let me know, it is pretty easy (but hard to figure out) without using any plugin or effect. Edit: sorry grammar mistakes.
  4. Thanks everyone for the comments, I really appreciated. I am still working on V-3.5.11, I need to switch to V-4.0.1 very soon or I will be so behind, thanks Rick for the new update. I have a new image, called it Dusty Space, it is all PDN:
  5. Excellent work Pixey, the work on the face features is amazing especially the mouth, I like the video and the music as well, it is so helpful indeed, And one more thing, ezvid looks great, is it free/unlimited with all its tools features? Thank you very much
  6. Nice work here, keep them coming, you're doing well
  7. Great work barbie, it is so beautiful, I feel like I am walking in a jungle, I like the colors too, I like the transparent effect in it, that been achieved with the layers, plus the blend modes. One thing been used I can think about in this is the Diffuse plugin on it's maximums. Well done barbie
  8. Excellent work TechnoRobbo, this was a quick test, and I like the result Thank you very much
  9. Excellent work guys, I like the options and the UI, something really new and beautiful, My attempt, I was trying the crescent mode light, but looks like is not available:
  10. Thank you Red ochre, I was actually just trying the plugin on a 800 x 600 canvas on a two layers file, and I wasn't doing any significant work, so I haven't lost anything And about the speed of the sliders, I think I wasn't clear enough, or maybe I am missing something, as an example; if you move the "Start Length" slider to the right, the resulted shape will go beyond the canvas ( extremely large), but I think I am understanding the plugin step by step, by altering all other functions I can manage the results much better.
  11. Oh, man this amazing, I can't believe my eyes, how fast it is. I got an error, but I think because I was moving the sliders like carzy Is it possible to make the sliders slower? I mean the effect applies slower when moving them. Thanks Red ochre,
  12. Congratulations DrewDale, really nice work. And also minners71, nitenurse79 and mottoman, nice entries Thanks Chimay
  13. Hi Tanel, Are we expecting any update to this plugin (and maybe the whole plugin package) soon? Because Alpha Blur is not working as meant to be in PDN-4, especially the Shift-out part. Thanks you.
  14. Very nice tutorial xod, I like the technique and the outcome. Thanks you.
  15. Congratulations Goonie, Dryda, Barbie, Scooter & Skullbonz. Very nice entries.
  16. Looks like there is some other ways to create that , But this was my long method: You need Splinter plugin: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18811-ed-harvey-effects-v-35-2012-02-13/ 1- Cloud default 2- Crystalize 12 3- Outline default (Effect > Stylize > Outline) 4- Auto Level several times till you see all black lines clearly 5- Gaussian Blue default 6- Splinter Blur (Splinters= 50, Distance= 3, Mode=Lighten) 7- Duplicate layer, Zoom it in to Double size the cells (or as taste), and set the blend mode to Multiply 8- Adjustment > Brightness= -100, Contrast= -50 9- Flatten Image and run Emboss with desired Angle (Effect > Stylize > Emboss) Good Luck
  17. @ mottoman, this is a little different, but let me know if it is close enough to work with,
  18. Wow, Red ochre, that is so nice, I like the colors you've chosen, and the reflection on all surfaces is so beautiful.
  19. @Red ochre, nitenurse, Helen,Cc4FuzzyHuggles, Pixey, MikeRobe, Ventor, Goonfella, Seerose and DrewDale, Great result from all of you, I am so glad with all these beautiful images, and this give a good indication that the tutorial was clear enough and maybe easy to follow And I would like to thank EER & David for the tutorial pin. Thanks so much
  20. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it How to Write on Sand. In this tutorial we are going to make a text like this: Plugins required for this Tutorial are: 1-Splinter Blur 2-Drop Shadow 1-Open new file 800 x 600 pix, or as desired, add new layer and call it text, write your text or shapes on this layer (free hand style text is more effective, but if you like to use a ready font make sure to choose a thin uniform body type (not much decoration in it): 2-Duplicate the text layer, make the top one invisible and merge the lower one to the white background and call the new resulted layer depress: 3-Run the Frosted Glass on the depress layer with these settings, try not to distort the text too much: 4-Run Splinter Blur plugin on the depress layer with these setting: 5-Emboss the depress layer, it is important here to remember the angle, so pick an easy one to remember: 6-Duplicate text layer and make the top one visible and call it emboss: 7-Add shadow to the emboss layer using Drop Shadow plugin or any available effect; make sure to triple the thickness of the text: 8-With Global flood mode select the text and shapes in the text layer using Magic Wand 9-Make sure the emboss layer is selected (highlighted in the Layers Sub-Window) and the selection is still active then hit delete on your keyboard (so now you should see the depress layer through: We are going to repeat same steps on emboss as we did on depress layer 10-Add new white layer under emboss layer and merge the emboss to the new layer (rename the resulted layer emboss again in case if you lost the name ), then run Frosted Glass effect with these setting or similar (again don’t distort for too much) 11-Run Splinter with these setting: 12-Emboss the emboss layer but make sure to use the opposite direction to the angle than the depress layer: 13-With Global flood mode Magic Wand, select again the text and shapes in text layer (keep the layer invisible): 14-Switch to emboss layer and hit delete on your keyboard: 15-Add Noise to emboss layer: 16-Give a sepia effect to emboss and depress layers (use Paint.NET original Sepia) 17-Saturate the colors of the emboss layer with Hue/Saturation adjustment: 18-Play with brightness and contrast of the depress layer to give it a moisturized sand effect, then flatten the image: The next steps are optional: 19-Tilt, rotate and zoom the image using Layer Rotate/Zoom tool: 20-Select the desired area: 21-And Crop the image: 22-Duplicate the layer and set the blending mode to multiply: 23-Use Linear Gradient with Transparency Mode to fade the top layer, make sure to start from the opposite direction of the light source: 24-Fill any leftover gaps using Clone Stamp tool or any other method, then enhance the saturation if it required: 25-To get this final result: Remeber to add you own effects and touches, these are just the basics Here is another version on the wet sand situation, I used here Dents instead of Frosted glass and added some shadow using Trail plugin: I hope you like it, feel free to ask if you have any question.
  21. Congratulations Pixey, Skulbonz and Doughty. @ Pixey, that is so beautiful
  22. Use Alpha Displacement plugin to make the wrinkles/creases to the existing cloth texture. Try this tutorial
  23. Thanks everyone for liking this sig, @ MikeRobe and Barbie and anyone who likes to know how I made the sand depressions, I will post a tutorial very soon, I am planing to use PDNV.4 for this tut, so please bear with me, I need to test the plugins if they are working.
  24. Congratulations, Helen, Pixey and nitenurse, everyone, all were nice, I really like the creativity in each one, when I scroll through the sigs I can feel the beachs atmosphere. Thanks Drew and of course chimay for the great hosting.
  25. @EER, yes in FF29, IE11 and Chrome, and it is been like that for long time now, almost 2 years. This is what the first click and the second click give, just to compare http://s1146.photobucket.com/user/Cc4FuzzyHuggles/media/Creativity/AbstractCurlyLinesBasicLayers2_zps259e4c3b.jpg.html http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o528/Cc4FuzzyHuggles/Creativity/AbstractCurlyLinesBasicLayers2_zps259e4c3b.jpg
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