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  1. I couldn't install or uninstall with any program, or with programs and features I tried about everything to get rid of error 1603 including Avast, CCleaner... Anyhow I had recently installed windows so I wasn't afraid to try something drastic. My problem probably resulted when I failed installation and manually tried to delete folders and stuff instead of using programs and features to delete it. Anyhow I did run: regedt32 Ctrl+F searching for "" Press "Enter" Press "Delete" Press "Enter" I did this over and over again until all results of were gone Including folders that were obviously associated with the installer. Anyhow After deleting everything, I re downloaded, extracted and express installed it, and it worked. Don't try but at your own risk... regedt32 isn't to be messed with...
  2. I have just got to thank you for these effects. Simply Amazing. I constantly use the mirror and octagonal effects. You made my day! Thanks so much, these effects are excellent!
  3. I have an image, and I need to repeat it a ton of times to make a background. How do I do this? Thanks for your help!