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  1. greenfalcon44

    1603 error solved

    I couldn't install or uninstall with any program, or with programs and features I tried about everything to get rid of error 1603 including Avast, CCleaner... Anyhow I had recently installed windows so I wasn't afraid to try something drastic. My problem probably resulted when I failed installation and manually tried to delete folders and stuff instead of using programs and features to delete it. Anyhow I did run: regedt32 Ctrl+F searching for "" Press "Enter" Press "Delete" Press "Enter" I did this over and over again until all results of were gone Including folders that were obviously associated with the installer. Anyhow After deleting everything, I re downloaded, extracted and express installed it, and it worked. Don't try but at your own risk... regedt32 isn't to be messed with...
  2. greenfalcon44

    Evan's Effects (open source as of October 16, 2012)

    I have just got to thank you for these effects. Simply Amazing. I constantly use the mirror and octagonal effects. You made my day! Thanks so much, these effects are excellent!
  3. I have an image, and I need to repeat it a ton of times to make a background. How do I do this? Thanks for your help!