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  1. This is without a doubt my worst work ever... But I was told to use more detail, more objects... and so I have. All of this is original and PDN... Hidden Content:
  2. Ah, I see my thread is finally waking up... Thanks for your comments... I will try to make more complex images, but I want to start with a full spacescape... If only I could figure out the spaceship... I'll get it eventually... Almost there, I got the basic idea behind the metal... I'm still thinking if I should go cartoonish UFO, ET Phone Home style ship, or something like star wars... I need some images of one to follow--seen the movie so many times... But, I'll get to that, please do not refer tutorials to me, you can hint a method though... I tried Corel PaintShop Pro X... My advice is to stick with Paint.Net... I find it more--user friendly, brighter, more uplifting of a program... I also like the way the tools and effects are arrayed... Some features of paintshop are useful, but not enough to switch from paint.net. Use it for image editing, but I can't suggest using it for much else... I will aways prefer Paint.Net over PaintShop... I will never make images in PaintShop. Maybe I'm just used to Paint.Net... Getting back to my post, please hint me on my quest to create a spaceship--it can even be a great photo of one!!!
  3. Thnks, carazon, for ur input... yea i think that so far the planets the only thing i got 2 work bsides the portal--i thot it was ok of an idea for me... i aded a galaxy, a bit on the darker side, but if i ever get a tut request on it ill make it briter and help teach colorin the galaxy 2... mabe i shood make a ful spacescape wit star, galaxy, other stars, and planets, mabe even a spaceship -- still got to figure that out... Hidden Content: if any1 hs sum advice, pls pls pls tel me! i want to improve,so help me pls! JAD
  4. I added a new img... it wus supose 2 b my sig but 2 wide... by 300 px. EDIT: igot ma sig 2 wok.
  5. thanks... lease sum1 cares... no1 else cares 2 respond 2 my thread... i added a red ripply img... Hidden Content: I shooda aded a bito color but i thot it looks beta red rather than red, green, yellow, and blue. im gona try to make something new and cool... not that i have much talent at it. JAD
  6. I have noticed that I really stink at trying to create something new... Can't think of anything that I want to try making. Even then, I'm not sure it will come to me... Ah well... Instead of always doing everything off of tutorials, I tried mixing effects like a madman to start off with the first one... Surprisingly I still remember how I made it and it's pretty easy if you know where to start... If you like anything below, but can't make it, ask me to write a tutorial. If I get enough requests, I will make as detailed a tutorial as I possibly can. EDIT: [i'm starting to use the blend mode ZOR more often... Try it--it opens up a lot of possibilities... Sometimes it can look a little too rough though.] I'm not the best with PDN so please, have mercy on me!!!! Here goes... To keep this from drying up as I work on something new, I put text from my favorite Tom Jackson tutorial... I decided to make a sig... It ended up too big, but I have a general idea on what my sig is going to look like... I decided to make an avatar for my profile, or in this case a JADvatar. It looks astonishingly like another picture in my gallery but I assure you there are subtle differences... Try to find them... One of them is almost nonexistant, another is apparent. Big images hidden: Hidden Content: I was screwing around and found a cool portal-looking design. I added twist, decreased luminosity, and zoom blurred. There is always another possibility opened up by space, any kind of story... Here is some inspiration. Man, I'm actually finally getting it! A ripple A galaxy (maybe needs some light...) A more detailed image. I'm trying... Don't be too harsh... But help me improve... Of course, there is more to come. Enjoy!
  7. I tried and tried again and finally, I got this... It's nothing compared with the original, but hey, I'm just starting with Paint.Net, and looking through this forum to figure out how to do everything. JAD