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  1. Hey Boltbait? I got one word for you, you'rethebestandweallwantmoreofyourtotallyawesomeplugins!!! Wait a sec... That wasn't a normal word, was it?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum! nice with brothers on the forum... Oh and, 11??? I guess im not even close being the youngest member in this forum anymore... I hope you'll enjoy your stay...
  3. Correct Wow... Also: My birthday is over, NOOOOOOO!!!
  4. im not the youngest member? :shock: Now your creeping me out... That nine-year-old kid gotta be some sort of genius! Soon, he and his minions will rule the world!!! mohahahaha
  5. Todays my birthday!!! I actually think im the youngest member in this forum (13 )... Anyways: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ME!!! Discuss
  6. Poof! you didn't wish that you wished your wish wich I didn't grant... It's against the topic rules not to wish a wish wich i grant so you just got perma-banned and very confused! I wish that I had an Iphone
  7. Congratulations! you are now funny... but your grandma doesn't like your funny jokes so she's hunting you with a stick. when she is tired, she sends her dogs at you. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I wish his grandma wouldn't hunt me with a stick when i'm funny
  8. GRANTED! Too bad I cant grant wishes, I dont have magic powers you know! I wish I could fly
  9. Looks really cool, can't wait to try it out!
  10. I think I got the solution. That happened to me all the time. I don't think its your computer, you just have to wait untill the plugin COMPLETLY loaded! (bad spelling!) I hope this helped!
  11. Added 5 new pictures to the gallery!!!
  12. Found out that my 4-year old brother had leukemia, blood cancer...
  13. Thanks! this could be pretty useful. However, I think you should move it to the adjustments folder. It is basic photo adjustments after all. Keep up the good work!
  14. Try to make it a little more green and it would look like a couple of trees! And Tramojo, REALLY cool effect!
  15. YES! But It's a really nice effect!
  16. That looks really good zwicky. I especially like the way you use transparency to get those effects where it's white formed like "waves". Offtopic: OMG!!! does everyone here got a Z in their username??? AWESOME!!!
  17. Here's my shot at it, I edited the background so it would look like fire and I didn't Use that font
  18. Worse for me... I found out that my 4 year old brother has leukaemia, a blood cancer.
  19. Thanks guys! I'll try to make that space"thingie"
  20. Hey Pyro, you got the best plugins in this whole forum! I especially like the smudge effect you've made. Keep up the good work! Can't wait 'till your next plugins(if you're thinking of making more).
  21. Hi, I'm Link-z and im a newly registred user in this forum. I've been using pdn for a couple of months and gotten really into it. My english might seem kind of bad (propably beacause I am a swedish kid... ). Anyways, Here's a couple of pictures I made: I made this with 2 of Pyro's effects: smudge and fire. THANKS PYRO!!! Everybody should at least try out to paint with only a LOT of squares and Pyros "Smudge" I got no idea what I did here. Its just some fiery planet Ok, I think i'll stop commenting everything... while uploading every single picture i've made some wird window saying something about some "conneection error". That made me so ****ing angry!!! srry... This is probably my favorite. The original picture is NOT owned by me: Here's my first sig ever made in Pdn. I think it came out very good feedback and comments are welcome!
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