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  1. Thanks for that, it ends up looking sort of 3D with the polar transformation, though. I've tried placing each letter separately and it's looking decent but thanks anyway
  2. Pretty simple question really, I was just wondering if it's possible on PDN to do text like this:
  3. I only this second just realised this isn't an avatar but oh well
  4. Thanks, survulus It's a rare one for me as I'm only really into making something out of renders to use on other forums etc. Prefer working with a subject I'm into rather than playing with loads of effects (for now, anyway)
  5. For pipp92, 9.5/10 - Always a big fan of your work 8) Would maybe like it if the black & white Diego was maybe a little more transparent or something, just so the focus is completely directed at the coloured render
  6. Haha yeah, put full size up just so people could see it properly though. Think I'll resize the one for the first post... Also, re-did the Ibrahimovic sig - can't do much with the text though EDIT: New Moby sig, really like his Play album - been listening to it a lot recently
  7. 8/10. Not keen on the font for some reason, maybe use a more urban one to fit the rustic background - make it look more edgy
  8. Changed it around a little, added a couple of effects on the render. Didn't do too much to it, though - didn't want to ruin it. I can do simple pretty well sometimes. Did this one earlier today: Kind of the same style as a few of the others, but I tried out some new textures/backgrounds for this one.
  9. The new Del Piero and Messi ones are sweet
  10. Laptop. Christmas or your birthday?
  11. 6/10, not much going on except some flames and some text. Flames look cool, though. Here's mine full size for a better view:
  12. Bo Burnham does music & comedy superbly. Have a look for him on YouTube, a lot of his stuff is pretty good.
  13. New sig added Looking a bit plain, any suggestions on what to add to it?
  14. 7/10. It's not a bad song, good for chillaxing 8) I keep getting the feeling it's going to build up to something amazing, but doesn't. The guy's voice is slightly annoying as well. 23 by Jimmy Eat World Apologies for the video, it's the only version I could find that had the original song on its own.
  15. You had some anchovies, they were nice. Unfortunately, they gave you shellfish poisoning and you spent most of the next day on the toilet. I wish somebody would give me a job (the economic crisis is already corrupting that wish, though)
  16. Couldn't possibly pick a favourite. If you'd have asked me 5 or 6 years ago, though, I'd have said pop punk (Blink-182, etc) but now I really do like just about anything.
  17. ^ is correct. Y9 SATs are pretty easy and don't count for much, by the way, so if you did have to do them they're not so bad after all. < found Y9 SATs and GCSEs pretty easy but A-levels were a bugger v got bored from reading my ramble about exams.
  18. 6.5/10 but mainly out of personal preference - not a fan of anything that's too green. Text is a little hard to read from first glance, too.
  19. I got it from a site full of textures/renders, then just made the cutout using the magic wand tool Want me to inbox you the one I used there?
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