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  1. Gears 2 ermmm... Just about games... WoW or Sacred 2 : Fallen Angel[RPG Games]
  2. @ petewolfbane : it's very good but i dont like the lines of the border .... 8.5/10
  3. @toxikk : the sig's are good but a little bit simple ... 7/10:) @mine :
  4. I went to get you a stiff drink , but :shock: i got flashbanged by a terrorist and kidnaped by aliens , the aliens take the drink and made tests on it ... Make me the Photoshop creator
  5. Chocolate Chip cookies Crimson or Oma[who'z better]
  6. Dude , You're the best , Awsome Gallery omg :shock:
  7. thx guy's i will update the gallery about every day
  8. OFF:yeah ... mrmm sorry ON: @Ouchy_S kind of good but it need's something... keep tryin'
  9. The basic is good but the font doesn't match with the background . just a 8/10 4 you
  10. 8/10 dont like del piero verry much but i like the light texture
  11. Best Gallery! A master in White and Black Art... Good Work!
  12. Welcome to eddye's Gallery! I'm working in PaintDotNet for just 3 weeks and i love it! Hope you like my Gallery! Comments and Critics Are welcome! Signature's SCREAMMMM! Guitar Attack! Ice Will Rulle The World Sk8 For Life! Realistic Image's Abstract Art Photo Manipulation Eddye Production's
  13. it's good but i dont like yellow so it just a 8/10 :idea:
  14. OFF: sorry sorry i am quite blind and i didn't see [ and i updated my avatar...] ON : nice avatar pete i like the crack 9.5/10
  15. @pete - i like the darkness of the photo and the text but it could be better! 9/10
  16. wow hero youre sig is quite simple but look's good 9.5/10
  17. The metroid could be better but it's something... uhm yeah nice gallery Good Luck
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