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  1. Really nice ! Love the X-green Type Sig
  2. You now have windows 7 but you're comp doesn't have enough Ram and it doesn't work I think i want To Be The Best Player On Counter-Strike 1.6
  3. Piff Pawn Bang! The sky is red but you die and can't admire it I wish i were Rodney Mullen[skater]
  4. love you're signature but the text may be better
  5. 8/10 for the first , 7/10 for the second and a 6/10 for the last
  6. "PAWN" Now you play the acoustic guitar better but it brakes ... I wish i was rich
  7. 9.5/10 i love the sofisticated ideea and the reflection
  8. Three Days Grace - Animal i Have Become and Linkin Park - In The End
  9. ^Negative. vWant's to Hit me with a Ball in the Face
  10. i like it , but the background is to dark... and the text doesn't look well 6/10
  11. Hot damn that is beautiful! Awesome House! :shock:
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