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  1. This is freakin sick as hell but im new to this lol
  2. What you guys think of these but dont critisize to much just started useing paint.net about 1 week ago
  3. I see the button in the pop up window but the .abr file doesnt come up to add it. can someone really help me Thx
  4. I give the one above 6/10. The text is hard to read and seems really simple
  5. For the 100th poster the second one is the best. One with gradiant bars in background and the wings around the 100th
  6. I give the one above me a 8/10 looks a little plain compaired to others but i love the gloss like shine on it
  7. I was wondering how I put pictures in the posts. If someone would please help me Thx :!:
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