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  1. I just want to know what you all think. I spent like a half hour on this, just trying to get everything right, just want to know what you all think! So please do give me criticism, I am not very artistic, so any and all criticism is appreciated thank you in advance!
  2. Just because I know the Mods are going to say it. This is not the place for this particular subject, this is for tutorial publishings only. Sorry if I came off rude.
  3. I actually think it makes it stand out so everyones attention stays focused on what you wanted it to say.. even tho it was just your name
  4. Please everyone give me any suggestions on how I can make my work better please, and if possible give me lots of details, it would help me out a lot! Thanks! This next one was my first every try at it, just letting you see what I came from. With all your guys tuts! Thanks so much Doctor, and PyroChild! You are the main ones I have read!
  5. I think I did pretty decent for someone who just started! Please give comments OH AND BY THE WAY! Great Tut Doctor, loved it. Please if you have any more, more advanced stuff like this, please submit the tuts I would love to learn more from you!
  6. MY avatar is the affect from this tut. Great Tutorial! Thanks a bunch. I'm slowly going to start trying to make my own things! ^.^
  7. What I want to know how to do is, I want to make a signature for a forum that I am on frequently. I want to know how to add a fire affect, and put the Gears of War symbol behind the flames, and inside the flames I want to put my gamertag for Xbox Live, I also want to know if anyone can help me get some pictures of the Longshot from Gears of War so I can rotate them to be pointing towards the top/middle of the sig.
  8. I just started using paint.net recently tho I had it on my computer for a few months. Lol! This is like my 4th attempt at it, and I think it looks a lot better than the other ones did. I kept getting the text and shadow layers mixed up on those ones and threw everything off, still need to learn how to change color of the text once I have placed it and moved on, can't find a way to do that, if someone can give me the information I would greatly appreciate it!
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