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  1. It wasn't an insult, just a funny comparison to vista? I didn't say it was an insult I just meant that I didn't mean that as a joke
  2. Or the fact that my waffles were watery this morning or really that's just me.
  3. Granted, but then that makes your wish incorruptible because there are no more incorruptible wishes to stop wishing, which makes your wish an incorruptible wish but to corrupt that would be enabling others to be incorruptable which causes...DOES NOT COMPUTE! :AddNoise: :AddNoise: :AddNoise: :AddNoise: BOOM! I wish people didn't cancel going to the mall
  4. Ah, I misunderstood then. I just hate that people care about the post count anyway. Yes, it's great, I got 600, but it doesn't mean anything so long as the posts have quality, you know?
  5. ....umm shoots who and why? You misunderstand. Juraiko was merely playing basketball, and he missed a hoop. That's why he posted it here in the rants section. Was that sarcasm? I have no idea but seriously, who was he saying to shoot, I should've included more of the original post.
  6. That's a little unnecessary. Plus I at least admitted that I do tend to post a lot, look at my nomination for myself for Mimi Bobeck Award in the Awards 2009 forum. Really, you didn't need to say that at all, bro, that's not cool.
  7. Ahhh you bring back my quote. It was not meant to be a joke, more of a riddle, a whimsical outlook on the inner workings of the legal portion of English, as I've said.
  8. Not bad! Don't be too down on yourself. The inside edge of the curve looks :AntiAliasingOff: though.
  9. Why? It adds the right seasoning and flavor to the mix. *shoots* ....umm shoots who and why?
  10. Why? It adds the right seasoning and flavor to the mix.
  11. Ahh, as for offtopic, how about I just actually got the format for the countdown function in BB code without help! [countdown=School] April 3, 2009 08:35:00 [/countdown]
  12. Thanks, you can use it if you want. EDIT: Should've changed it to "moo" but too late. Sorry.
  13. Happy because this is post #600 for me!
  14. I LOVE THE SIGNATURE!!! 1000000/10 I laughed for a whillee.
  15. Give explanation about the rating when you give it, it's not a contest here, it's about constructive criticism
  16. Paint.NET Google Chrome AVS Video Editor 4 AVS Video Converter 6 AVG Free Edition Audacity FL Studio 6 ooVoo WebcamMax Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware GOM Player Geometer's Sketchpad
  17. True. Last post on that from Richard Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:07 pm
  18. Hard to edit this one because it's just a texture but here's a try, crystalize on new layer, opacity, dents on newer layer, opacity, curves on newest layer, opacity EDIT: I keep forgetting to post these images.
  19. Ha, I love April Fools Day. Great day for messing with people.
  20. :shock: I love the effect! It's almost grayscale but has a little bit of saturation, I normally don't like that but it works so well here! Only thing I can suggest is maybe soften up the edges of the selection of the render in the middle, they're a little rigid. Great work!
  21. Unfortunately, I looked at them and I think I might deserve the Mimi Bobeck Award 2009 Vista? for the Pauly Shore Award EDIT: Oh, he won it last year, but it remains true. Mr Frojo for The Hit & Miss Award (So close 1999! He promised a new signature for post 2000 and it's been a looooong time) I think she got it last year, but Monet should go to Oma.
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