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  1. That was my original idea but I just thought it would be useful to have layers maintained between the two programmes
  2. I have started using an opensource programme called mypaint and it seems to deal mostly in .ora files. Is there paint.net plugin that opens theses files or would it be possible to request one that will?
  3. here is my favourite abstract I've made corruption http://hauntedstudios.deviantart.com/art/corruption-120791404 the deviant art link is here in case you really like it and want to leave me a comment
  4. Lol finally! Nice outcome btw. Maybe fix the border. thanks! what would you suggest border-wise then
  5. real nice gallery, I really like the 3d lettering sig and your wallpapers. Just wondering, where can I find a tut on the beam of light?
  6. I had a go at this using a different stock :shock:
  7. I think what yellowman is getting at is the use of stock images that don't belong to Ouchy yet Ouchy is still watermarking those to
  8. well since this is done guys and i failed in converting them all in time you can lock this thread
  9. thanks for the advice guys i've got 646 pictures to convert and i've done about 25
  10. this is really urgent is there a quick way to convert pdn format picture into jpg files without opening every one of them and saving them in the correct format
  11. here is my go at it but is there a way to make the edges smoother
  12. i gave this a try it is my current sig but i would really like some feedback on it because i think it could look better but idon't know how
  13. yes ! this an amazing tutorial i used it to make an avatar for a friend also i did one with a reflection
  14. i had an attempt using a tf2 character but i don think antialising worked any advice will be accepted
  15. i downloaded the zip and extracted the files and unblocked them all. i then reopened paint.net and there is no change they are neot in the effects menu
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