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  1. Some Wallpapers.. Magic Roams Free Love Letters Spirit Of Fire
  2. Well Since Everyone Is Posting There Great Works.. Heres Mine Lol..
  3. Wow, Thanks Helen.. *Happy Dance* They Are Kinda Girly In My Eyes.. Normally Im Into Skulls And Goth Pics, But You Go Follow Where The Muse Takes You.. Well I Recently Enquired About How To Apply The Pleasantville Effect For Some Pics.. Thanks To David.Atwell For Directing Me To It. Here Is One Of The Outcomes On My Cousins.. After Playing Around With Some Settings This Is The Result.. And This One.. Ok, He Is Not Wearing Lipstick But It Does Look Like It.. HeHe
  4. Ok.. I Have Been Using Paint.Net For A Few Months Now And Am Still Learing All The Lil Tricks It Has To Offer.. So Here Are A Few Photos And Pics I Have Created. Butterfly Dream My Wallpaper I My Wallpaper II Thanks For Taking the Time To Have A Lil Peak At My Pics.. More To Come, Teya
  5. Oh My God! Thankyou All So Much! That Pleasant Ville Effect Is Totally What I Was Looking For! Total Legend!
  6. Hi, Im New Here And Was Wondering If There Was A Plugin Or A Way To Achieve The Look Of B/W Photos With Coloured Secctions? For Example.. Have A Coloured Photo Turned To B/W But Leave The Eyes Blue? Or The Hair Or Whatever. There Is An Effect In Picasa ( Google Image Blog Program ) Called Focale B/W. Where You Can Do This To An Extent But It Kinda Sucks, lol. Is There Any Plugin Or Technique That Im Missing? Ive Tried Colouring The Pieces In Myself But It Really Looks Bad... Any Help Or Advice Would Be Greatly Appreciated! Thanx Teya.
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