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  1. When you paint with the Paint Brush with a semi-transparent colour, it leaves little dots of solid colour in its path. Or, when I'm using my tablet and apply slight pressure, it paints a solid colour.
  2. This is the most recent wallpaper I've made.
  3. This is the most recent wallpaper I've made.
  4. This is for a company I am part of. I am the IT director and so need to make the website. This is the concept, made in PdN.
  5. Really? So I wouldn't be able to start another thread? I'd have to use this one? Thanks, Down. I'll crop it a bit. :wink: p.s. These smilies SUCK! <<< how is that laughing? Looks like someone having a fit.
  6. Made this today because I was bored. Let me know what you think. 100 % PdN (of course[except for city render])
  7. Wait, wait, wait, wait. We're in a thread discussing the relative strength of a green-colored man the size of a tank with the strength of a locomotive, and a man with a fusion reactor in his chest who has compressed the combined force of an entire regiment of soldiers into one suit... ...and you're worried about time travel being impossible? I think we need to talk about something called "suspension of disbelief..." :-P +1 And Ironman would destroy the hulk, and batman to boot.
  8. Global Warming is a creation of the media. If global warming is already such a problem and cities will be sunk, then why have no towns near to coastlines flooded yet? If the ice caps are melting, why is the sea level not rising? The ice caps are in fact not melting, they have acctually grown in size over the last 10 years. The data showing that the world is heating is unreliable. Many of the thermometres that measure this are at altitude, this is to get a fair reading. But the only way to get them at such altitudes in some places is to place them on top of active volcanoes, which makes the temperatures fluctuate greatly. I could go on... but i'm tired
  9. 10/10 WOOW! World Champion!!! And a brilliant sig to celebrate it. Would be funny if you snuck a picture of his dad into the background.
  10. Yep, Fruity Loops. It's a great program If you don't know, google it. :wink:
  11. 6/10 It's quite a cool design and background, but the colour, text and text shadow make it look a bit dated. Like something from Windows 2000.
  12. Hi, I'm Barnezy. I've been using PDN for about 4 months now. I mainly use it for skinning FL Studio. I though I should formally introduce myself before I start posting. It seems right to do.
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