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  1. Gonna buy my second Moleskine (Wiki this) in a few hours! It's so hawt.
  2. The render-cut isn't nice and the signature looks flat. Maybe adding another color accent and fix the light source. 7/10
  3. Hello, I'm back. Lewl. Anyway, Kemaru has recently spoke with me about an issue he currently has with the PDN Forums. He said that his computer recently erased his passwords and after that incident, he cannot log-in to the PDN forums anymore, even with the right passwords. The error he keeps getting is "You've exceeded the maximum number of log-in attempts." Could any of the forum mods figure out the issue? Thanks in advance!
  4. Varies. My sis takes pictures of anything and I use that as stock images to vector them. Vectoring takes around 15 minutes to one hour depending on the image. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the signature.
  5. The colours don't seem to match and the light source placement is a bit off. Maybe add a Gradient Map on overlay then play with the transparency. 8/10 Rate:
  6. It's an interesting concept actually. The "noob" part in the text looks like it's embedded in the metal. Good job 9/10 Rate:
  7. 9/10 I really love that song. Very nostalgic.
  8. Work on the text and depth. It's a bit small but I like the idea. :] 8/10
  9. Does anyone know where jerkfight/jyrofizz went? He barely logs on anymore. hehe
  10. Reflecting their personality? Oh boy, looks like I'll be seeing lots of people with black earphones.
  11. Hmm, interesting background. The colours don't match that much and the text is too big. Just keep practicing. :] 8/10 EDIT: My current signature is 95% original. The 5% is the blood splatter on the balloon. The rabbit was made in Illy by me.
  12. Interesting style and colors, but I ain't a fan of Playstation. ('cept Monster Rancher omgomgomgomgogm). 9/10 Commentary: Yes, I know it's Triangle Square Circle Cross for the PS buttons
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