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  1. ^_^ Love what u did to ur 2nd new one =P
  2. Here's some drawings i did by hand...All freestyle PLZ TELL ME WHAT U THINK!!!!!!
  3. Then you're on a very good start keep up the good work and update your work too so i can see more
  4. Love it I think you should post more of your work tho
  5. xD That's a possiblity.. Perhaps it's just the quality of the pic? the higher it is the smaller it comes out? idk lol
  6. I've noticed that some ppl have very large signatures and mine can only be 500*150 pixels which isn't very big lol if there is a way could i possibly make it bigger?
  7. Thanks man and yea i find the combo of red and black is th one that comes out with the best resultes...I'm trying to work with other colors but old habits die hard eh? ^.^
  8. Here's some of my stuff...Drop a line and let me know what you think
  9. A few more attempts of mine
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