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  1. but shouldn't those transparent pixels be 255*3 ? I do want a WHITE line. this is okay, I can just use brightness or up the tolerance a little. this happens even with anti-aliasing off, I'm not talking about those edge pixels, it's the main part. and I just tried this open paint.net--add a new layer 1. if I fill it with 255*3 trans-alpha from 1-48, then use color picker to check, it is exactly the color I use 2. if I fill it with 255*3 trans-alpha from 49-254, then use color picker to check, it is 254*3 trans-alpha the same (overwrite, not normal blending) (ok, I just did again wit
  2. I draw a line with total white (255*3 / antialiasing on), then try to recolor it, when I use tolerance 0, some edge pixels color don't change, cos they are 254*3 with transparency or, I draw a line with white (255*3 with trans-alpha 100), it end up as 254*3 with trans-alpha 100 hope you can understand my english. this probably is not a big deal to you, but I find it might have something to do with this (posts from me&Max Power), I know this is not the place to report plug-ins' bug, but it happens to a lot things, like the outline plug-in (built-in version), so maybe it's not them.
  3. this and, if I use a total white(255 255 255) mask, it still give the picture transparency alpha 254
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