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  1. Worked really good for me with something simple, like this buckeye leaf

    Original -a14f0d4e628dd118.jpg


    I think that came in better than it did when i tried changing the hue of it, which distorted it a little.

    However, with something a little more detailed, I just can't get it to come out right. Right now, it's easier for me, to use hue/saturation, and curve bending, than it is to use this effect on certain pictures.

    original- banner-2-1.png


    Note* I have checked "Keep Color Distance", and had a tolerance of about 50 for both of these example.

  2. This might be more useful as some sort of video editing tool. Which, I wish I could find free.

    As far as photo editing for experienced users, I don't really see this being a commonly used tool (over pdn). There's already plenty of alternative, more effective ways of doing what this does. I don't need the background to be a certain, solid color to produce the same thing in the example pictures I've seen.

    That's just my personal opinion though. I'm sure other people probably need this. Like perhaps, scrubs at tourist attractions taking your picture in front of a green screen. But, I'm sure they already have purchased professional equipment.

  3. woah, definitely makes making animated .gifs easier!

    i don't quite know how else you'd do it... uncheck each layer and re-save it?

    imageshack is being gimpy right now, so i cant show the finished product, but it streamlines the process a lot when you're using unFREEz.

    great plugin! :D

    thats actually a good idea. Everything i know about photo editing is self taught, so yeah... i save, then undo, do effect, save, repeat.

    doing it with layer saver is actaully macro friendly, which helps out a lot.

    thats another thing i love about paint.net, you can use keyboard shortcuts for so many things.

  4. I've created an account on these forums just so that i can tell you thanks, pyrochild.

    I've been using paint.net for a while now, but with just the default features. after this last update i decided to check out the website, and found these plug-ins.

    You're doing a great job, and I really appreciate it.

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