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  1. Oups, sorry for bothering you for such a stupid question. But I did search with google and the forum search, it appear that google is not reliable for that question and I was too lazy to read all the way to the 15th result of the forum search. Still, it's quite unintuitive to rely on invisible graphical elements. At least the documentation could be clearer about what is a "nubs". Maybe changing "Drag with the left mouse button anywhere except on a nub to move the selection." to "Drag with the left mouse button anywhere (even outside the selected area) except on a nub to move the selection." o
  2. Hi, I've been using Paint.NET for quite some time now and it's a great piece of software. But I'm having some difficulties using the "Move Selected Pixels" tool on small selected area. Especially when working on tiny details, if you zoom a lot, the mouse pointer will appear as a hand cursor no matter where you are in the selected area. It's like there's invisible giant nubs covering all selected pixels. This problem have been in Paint.NET since I started using it, a long time ago, and is easily reproducible. Is this a known bug and is there a way to get around it? Thanks
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