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  1. Really good! All you need to change is PES to FIFA xD
  2. Update 11/6 2010:"Horror" wallpaper.
  3. Really good spacecrafts might want to add other backgrounds tho... But still awesome
  4. thx, too bad i allready have entered the Hidden Image Comp. EDIT: followed your advice and the final result is in my Gallery
  5. Update 10/6 2010: Added the rainbow sig.
  6. use the Magic Wand to select the white areas and then delete
  7. text is hardly readable but i had to shrink it to fit the rules and that is how it turned out
  8. Not the biggest dubstep fan but still quite cool 5.5/10 Fell "in love" with this song during the Ice-Hockey World Cup :
  9. cool sig, although im not a huge fan of Rihanna , your sigs are always good like the second one better. can you post the original image/stock?
  10. Update: 9/6 2010: Added the hidden skull
  11. yes, but did you noticed that i forgot a question mark in my last one?
  12. Stock: http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/clip/skull.html
  13. cool new pic, looks like a tribal mask in the centre
  14. No offense but i think most people know that....
  15. upload the image to Imageshack and then youll get a clickable thumbnail link which can be posted into forums
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