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  1. Dont know if this goes under the category of abstract (?) but here it is:
  2. Hmm... Im maybe wrong but I dont think you can do that...
  3. a stock is an image you not created. so the question was if you looked at an image of the phone and made it using the picture to see how it looks.
  4. First: Welcome to the forums Second: Very nice phone! Did you use any stock for inspiration?
  5. simply amazing! will try this in a min and post my try EDIT: Here it is! Not as good as yours but still i didnt did so much on the "glossyness" of the ball.
  6. Drgrit's is pretty cool, Psycho's too. My latest:
  7. pretty simple and it doesn't look like fur to me...
  8. if I understood the rules right i can enter with this? The render was used to make the background.
  9. i'll rate it! cool render that bends well with the bg, nice effects and text. 9/10
  10. agreed with csm, wrong dimensions and i love Mayor's sig mms 3 yy10 2 #winner MMS ill enter with this:
  11. host of sig battles and SOTW, very famous to me.
  12. why did you write EDIT:, when the post is unedited EDIT: Nevermind, I am just being an annoying smartass:
  13. wrong section, but if you are talkin about "Profile photo", i think they removed it
  14. nice sig with some cool c4d's and nice colours. 8.5/10 rate:
  15. like mayor said there are some jaggies but nice overall 8/10
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