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  1. Thanks for the comments. zzz92, i do have a larger sample. would you like me to post it?
  2. You could do this: Put the fire layer under the other layer and set that layers (not the fire layers) blending mode to overlay or change the opacity. If this dosent work you could try with the Transparency plugin
  3. Here is some animated gif pictures And some abstract please comment
  4. Football/Soccer Players Cars The cars have been edited with help from turtorials Bands PC/Console games _________________
  5. here is some more _________________
  6. Thanks. i know its not that advanced but i haven't been using paint.net for that long and is not that good.
  7. Nice work i think the ''colts picture'' got really cool.
  8. I like making pictures with ''firey'' colours and here is some of my work Please comment. _________________
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