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  1. Thx bbq. Dunno, I'll might enter some comps if I find the theme interresting
  2. Thanks everybody. As I said, its not impossible that I come back someday
  3. Hello all. I have become less active on this forums for each week and now I have decided to "leave", but I will continue on deviantART where i post both my work in PDN and Photoshop, the link to my dA is in my signature. Maybe I wont "leave" for good, I might check in now and then ;)but i wont be updating my gallery here no more. Good Bye (cya on dA )
  4. classic! not my style though... 6.5/10
  5. The Simpsons Football/Soccer or Ice-Hockey?
  6. I got a feeling you will make something really awesome for this, Heat
  7. agreed with chrico, Heat that sig is awesome Heat Stroke: 2 Mayor_McSteeze: 0
  8. Yeah I used that tutorial for inspiration
  9. Entering with my first non-render sig in a long time:
  10. Really like this song Used to listen to it a lot when it was new. 8/10 back to the rock
  11. Not a huge fan of the render but other than that i like itvery much
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