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  1. hey boltbait i've got a question were you being sarcastic when you said to turn on the flash on my camera or serious?
  2. these photos were taken at an event a month ago and the next one isnt till july of next year so Rephotos are essentially out of the question i accept that the photographs i took were bad in some cases at these events people pose and sometimes move around making taking a good picture diffcult also i accept that the improvements are going to be very minor compared to the orignals so any help is greatly apperciated
  3. these are some screenshots of the photos the photos themselves were over the size limit so i posted screenshots of what i'm trying to improve
  4. hello i'm trying to reduce blur in several diffrent photos i've messed with diffrent effects but have not found a way to reduce blur, and it wasnt mentioned in tutrioals so i'm posting here. how do i reduce the blur in the photos the blurs?