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  1. For Christmas I'll hopefully get Guitar Hero World tour for the Wii . My lil' sis might be getting endless ocean as well. Suh-weet!!
  2. ka blamo!!! you become funny , but its old man funny where you tell lame jokes over and over and over... I wish i could have friends...
  3. Yeah well i just stopped playing that. I cacked my pants first time i played it Its a good game though just now I'm playing guitar hero 1 for ps2 'cause either me or my sister *cough*it was her*cough* got a disk stuck in my Wii. 'Tis a sad day
  4. Hey guys, I was just curious about what video games you guys are playing? I thought it would be quite cool to open a topic 'bout it P.S if you've made any piccies of your video game please put them up Jacka.
  5. Hey Guys, I was just wondering If anyone knew how to text at a angle, Not like round in a circle but like if you had a cube and you wanted to put text on the side but make it kinda shrink it into the background thanks for Helping, jacka
  6. Wow mate , your Pics are awesome. I really like your Hwoarang sig and avatar they are awesome as well keep up the good work!!!
  7. hey guys these are my desktop piccies hope you like them
  8. wow legend thats awesome 9/10 loving the colours Jacka
  9. wow thats an awesome piccies maybe one day you could do a tutorial *hint**hint* Uhm by the David you neve locked this...
  10. hey guys, these are a couple of pictures i have edited. Please don't critise, I am fairly new to paint.net and I'm 14 I hope you like them. ****new 18 oct 2008**** ****new 3 nov 2008**** ** new 28 nov 2008 ** Sigs ^^Please tell me what you think ^^ thanks guys , please leave any comments or suggestion
  11. this is my first ever sig attempt just look down
  12. hey guys Im new here and i cant find my paint.net user folder what could i do?? could i make my own or can i download it somewhere???
  13. heres what i got. Im happy with it
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