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  1. If you're just trying to re-color it, the Conditional Hue/Saturation plugin might work.
  2. It works on the same principle as Outline Object, I think. If your object is in its own layer, it will work. If it's not, I don't think it will.
  3. When (and this actually happened to me!) you're eating soup and you go to pick up a spoonful, and you find yourself thinking the spoon will only pick up the vegetables and not the broth because the broth is in a different layer.
  4. When you draw a line with the Line/Curve tool, it gives you 4 control points with which to modify the line. I'd like to know if it would be possible to add the option for adding control points - e.g., by hitting ctrl+alt and clicking. So, you ctrl+alt-click and it adds a control point where you clicked. Is this possible?
  5. Something I stumbled across one night when I was bored: I call it "HyperPhoenix" - if you look closeley, there's a sort of phoenix-looking shape in the middle.
  6. 7/10, the text is a little hard to read. Maybe outline it or something? Rate:
  7. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=24571 I don't think the specific things you listed can be modified, though.
  8. I gotta agree with you there. My take on it is, we simply haven't been observing for long enough to note a definite 'trend' on the geological scale. How long have we had instruments accurate enough to measure temperature to within 10 degrees? 150 years? 200? Compare that to the 2 billion years or whatever the Earth has been around, and it doesn't amount to much. Suppose this "global warming" thing is nothing but a minor fluctuation, from the Earth's point of view? And what makes them think we caused it? They say if it gets too bad it will eventually cause another ice age - I won't go into detail about that right now. Except that there has been at least 1 ice age before, and back then there were no cars or coal-burning factories or anything of the sort. Ah, whatever. I say we just wait and see.
  9. Which plugin do you think is the most useful or versatile? Pick your three top choices. I replaced Flames with Seamless Texture Maker (BoltBait was right, Flames didn't really belong in there. Dunno what I was thinking).
  10. That makes me happy. I'm still mad at the Pats for humiliating my Redskins last year.
  11. Dang. Seems like half the world is Colts fans... Not so say I dislike the Colts or anything, but my team is the Redskins. Who are doing fairly well this season. Considering it's the head coach's first season as head coach, I'm pretty happy.
  12. Granted, but your boss finds out about it and makes you work the night shift as well as the day shift. I wish the sky was red.
  13. Yeah, looks like a definite Drop Ripple to me, with maybe a hint of Twist.
  14. I think you're having this problem because PdN is a bitmap image manipulator, rather than a vector manipulator. Thus, it is restricted to using pixels to form all the images it makes. Pixels, however, cannot be tilted, so if you draw a slanted line, the line the program actually draws is more of a "stair-step" line. Hence the weird-looking line. Anti-aliasing helps with this, also you could try to make the whole image larger, zoom out and set your line to 3 pixels wide or so.
  15. If you're referring to what I think you are, you can just hit the printscreen button and then go into PDN and hit paste.
  16. 9/10. I've always thought yours was really cool. Plus, it's funny.
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