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  1. I really like your current sig. Simple concept, but very well done. I especially like the 'sun ray' effect. As a matter of fact, I've been looking for a tutorial on how to create a 'sun ray' from scratch. I know how to enhance one, but from scratch is a different matter. Maybe, possibly, you could post one? And the figures in the sig could do with just a tiny bit more blending. Other than that, though, great job!
  2. Remember that this plugin has to be copied to the 'filetypes' directory, rather than the 'effects' directory.
  3. Looks like you might be able to replicate that effect using Outline Object and the Overlay blending mode, or mess with layer transparency.
  4. I recommend that you change your thread title quick, before any of the mods see it. Look at Rule #6 (and the rest of the rules while you're at it) to see what I mean. Also, you probably should have posted this in the Troubleshooting and Bug Reports forum. As for your issue, have you tried re-installing Paint.NET? Also, your issue may (just possibly) be a hardware issue, i.e. one of your memory sticks has burnt out, causing you to lose memory capacity and make Paint.NET non-functional. That's not really very likely, but it is a possibility.
  5. This has been requested a number of times (not sure why it's not in the Popular Feature Requests). I believe that Rick Brewster, the Paint.NET lead developer, has explicitly said "Not gonna happen." Check this thread.
  6. This can be done easily, and without the need for messing with the history, by putting your border on a separate layer and then deleting the layer after you're done using the border. I've often wondered, though, if it would be feasible to do a history which you could remove and add single items to at will, but I think it would be a major undertaking due to the effects of any given action on all the actions after it. Seems like it would be one heck of a coding job, anyway.
  7. There is a plugin for this already: http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=23976
  8. Just remember that you have to save the layer you want to map it to as a separate image (PNG, I thnk, although you might want to check that), and then load it into the plugin.
  9. This can be done with straight lines, although not with curved lines, as far as I know. With a straight line, all you need to do is draw it horizontally on its own layer, then Motion Blur at a 0 degree angle. Set the value to your taste. I suppose you could curve the line after tapering it, with Power Stretch or Bulge or some such. Or Hexagonal Distort (I think that's what it's called.)
  10. 1. Crimson 2. CommanderSozo 3. Kemaru 4. R3V3NGE 5. pipp92 6. Jjgunz 7. K_I_N_G 8. Helio 9. Cazaron 10. petewolfbane 11. Wolverine 12. ShK_828 13. Doctor 14. Survulus 15. jake2k 16. Stephan
  11. I believe that's called the Displacement and Alpha Mask plugin. It can be found here.
  12. I believe that what you want is subtraction, which is now done by holding down the Alt key and left-clicking.
  13. I'm not quite sure I understand your issue fully, but you might want to try the Faking Soft Brushes and the Blur/Dodge/Burn tool tutorial by Wither... soft erasers are in there as well. The soft eraser method is a little tedious, however. You might also want to look into BoltBait's Transparency plugin, which is useful when you have slightly transparent image that you want to make opaque, or vice versa, without using layer transparency.
  14. Could you post the image and tell us what exactly you need to do?
  15. You downloaded Paint.NET from Microsoft? Are you sure it wasn't Microsoft Paint you were downloading, rather than Paint.NET? In order to download Paint.NET, go to this page. Scroll down, pick a mirror, and click on the large graphic. That will take you to that mirror's download site. Click the download link, tell your browser to "save file", wait for the download, and voila.
  16. Then, after you have your selection, go to Image -> Crop to Selection.
  17. try the waterdrop or Spilled Water tutorials. On the Spilled Water one I would advise using BoltBait's Bevel Selection plugin before deselecting.
  18. I would also recommend you take a look at this tutorial, as it helps to familiarize you with many of the main features of Paint.NET (the tools, layers, blending modes, etc.)
  19. Outstanding job, it looks very natural. That's a great basic idea you have there as well. I may end up doing something like that at some point.
  20. Sorry, I don't think Paint.NET does this. Your best bet would be to do this in Inkscape or something similar, then import the image to Paint.NET.
  21. You can easily do this using the Drop Shadow effect. Just set the color, set the offset to X=1 and Y=0, the widening and blur radii to 0, run the effect, and keep hitting ctrl+F to repeat until you are satisfied.
  22. dudedadn: I would recommend putting the two images on top of each other, then using a transparency gradient on the upper layer, starting from the side that is in focus. PaintNetFan: Try looking at this: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/en/CloneStamp.html
  23. Should this be used to hide images in tutorials, so you don't have to scroll down so much?
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