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  1. IDK what the hecks going on! I was haveing no problems with pdn @ all but for the last three days I go in and it reboots my whole flippin computer! I don't get any error messages or any thing it just shuts everything down. I even tryed uninstalling then reinstalng and it's still doing it! HELP please!
  2. Thank you so much! I finaly got it figured out!!!!
  3. Thank you I am really quite new at this forum thing!! viewtopic.php?f=15&t=6270
  4. I know it sound lame but I have been asked to do a tutorial for the bugs I make. I can't think of a reason why you'd want this plugin. Paint.NET can already draw lines (using the line tool) with dashed lines and arrow heads.
  5. Took my QUITE a while (Got confused once or twice lol) But I think I finaly got it done. What do you think? (Sorry if the dragonflys dumb I made that to :oops: ) Sorry I can't figure out how to post my pic in my reply either.
  6. Hi sorry to bug you but I have v3.36 and no arrow option under effects will it be safe to down load it?
  7. Ok I love the idea but... When I went to down load it it's all in German (I think) so I can't figure out where to click to down load (Sorry My germans a bit rusty lol)
  8. I hope this doesn't sound mean but there's no after shot. Just a big X
  9. OK so I gave it a go.. I think I did something wrong though it turned out rainbowie lol So I did a second one. Oh and how are you guys adding the pic in your responces? (Forgive me I am new at this..)
  10. Thank you so much this is awsome though I have no Idea If I did the slit pupil right or not!
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