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  1. Ed Great effects love the new halftone, is there any way the a random effect can be added, so and effect like atkinson dither or can atkinson have a few variables added so the effect can be changed. Thanks again Ed Great plugins
  2. Thanks ed, I had thought of that way as well, but went the long winded way using PS to produce 6 images a variaing DPI Thanks again, have just installed your latest plugins. Trying above method NOW Steve
  3. Ed, The Atkinson Halftone is great, work fantastic, my question is can the size of the pixels be changed in the produced image easily, I am currently doing a little trial and error with picture of different resolution. Thanks Steve
  4. I appologise for this indescretion. Steve
  5. barkbark, less than 12 hours on this forum, and I think my 1 week search for a solution is done. I will let you know how things go, Please if any one else has any info please do not hestitate. Thanks Steve
  6. does any one know if there is a plugin or method to produce dithering as in the example link http://www.tinrocket.com/software/hyper ... omparison/ Thanks Steve
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