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  1. Firstly, thanks for that amazing app. I only suggest 2 more options 1st: If you can make possible to add a button to Paint.NET that opens current pdn file by using your tool then we will not have to open your tool seperately and we can produce our files rapidly. 2nd: In your app. we have to fill out output folder in every time, but i think should be placed a checkbox (title :Use current .pdn file directory) that saves all files in current(active pdn file's) directory. Thanks..
  2. Hi i have a picture (png) and i want to make it transparent step by step (top to bottom). Now It contains black lines and rest of image is fully transparent. So i want that, let top of it remains same but while going to down side, let the transparency increases and at the bottom point image to be fully transparent. Is there any plugin for it? I wish i can explain my desire (through of my perfect english ). Thanks already.
  3. Teşekkürler, ellerine sağlık, hepimize de Afiyet Olsun :wink: ...
  4. This is my first attempt.. Thanks for this nice tutorial..
  5. My name is Alper and D,m and r are consonant letters of my surname Wow, incredible story
  6. I have to say that: You're the one, you're the champion.... :wink:
  7. As I was saying before, Rick has his own google search page which has his own google ads for making money to help Paint.NET to grow. However the ad's on the forums are not his so when people search for something on the forums and click an ad, the company Forumer makes money off it. But Rick search engine can search four webpages / sites on Paint.NET; the website and help file, along with the forums and blog. But i've said before, it is related to my poor english . Actually you're right for this reason.. OK lets say this way is just more quick but quick means less money in this situation :? I couldn't consider this problem.. thanks for your advice..
  8. firstly thanks for your ideas. Let me try to answer your questions.. 1. You all right, this search engine cannot search any term like original site search engine so because of this condition, when you go to new search engine then press Enter activity (without writing any search term) will take away you to directly Paint.NET forum search engine, so at the same time this is another way to going to Paint.NET search engine page. 2. If this happen, then i can renew the search engine same as site admin can change the site url. I mean this is not the unchangeable. 3. As i mentioned before, this engine carries the user to the search result page. So when user enters any criteria and put in action, then user will directly go to the Paint.NET searc result page.. So, no extra ad's no change any rule of site.. 4.Maybe this will cancelled by admin same as before one (i don't have any idea) but only i think that, some users want to search in Paint.NET quickly. As a result; i don't have any ability to make perfect tutorial because i am a novice user, but i know how can i make usefull (as for me) small software helpers. then, just i want to be helpful.. Sorry for poor english (if exist :? ) but i'am not british.. Best regards ...
  9. Hi all, i made a search plugin for Paint.NET forum site and i want to announce it :wink: ... Url : ... =Paint.NET go to this link and click Paint.NET link..