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  1. Hey, i did this one a while back... what could i do to make it look more real? thx!
  2. Okay here is the "last" (maybe, lol, you guys are giving really good stuff to work on) modification to this picture. Any other ideas? lol, i think it looks pretty real
  3. Okay, my new and improved Newspaper I hope you guys like it, btw, i am filling in the space, but i need to get the news for it, i have 2 days left. Thx Olav!!
  4. Yea, that is a coffee cup stain , how would i go about making a shadow under them? thx for the compliment
  5. whew, im new here, but i have been using Paint.net for a very long time, here is my first Real picture: Is it good? and suggestions?
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