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    Merritt Island Florida
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    i am a praise and worship musician
    Totally sold out to God, saved by the blood of Jesus
    i play guitar and bass
    A Photographer and Artist.
    i am learning photoshop and have been playing around with it for 4 years now .
    i am not a pro but i do have fun!

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  1. can someone help me with my advatar ???

    i resized the pic to under 150 pixels in inches and centimeters and still it says it is too large .

    does anyone know how to do this ???

    Blessings to All 1!



  2. I love this program paint.net is the program i mostly use .

    i have been photoshopping for 4 years now and i have a few expencive programs , yet i still come to paint.net for most of my chopping . the other programs i use to tweek the chops.

    Thank You Guys for the greatest program ever made !

    paint.net is my choice for most of my work,

    Blessings to you All

    love Joy

  3. tryed twice to get the fire effect loaded on my paint . net and couldnt even open it ! :oops: i dont understand why ! im very new to all this ! any help would be appreciated it looks like an awesome and fun thing to work with ! blessings and have a joyous day ! joy[/color]
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