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  1. You mean don't select multiple files at a time and move them? I meant you can't click on a closed folder and move it that way into the effects folder. Had I opened the folder, then selected multiple files to move, I suppose it would have worked.
  2. This is me exactly! what did you do to get it to work?!? lol I've done all of this plus uninstalled, deleted the paint.net folder then reinstalled then tried to apply this plugin and still NOTHING. arghhhhhhh *pulls hair out* it shouldn't be this hard! Just got it! Yesssssss. To anyone after me struggling with this problem, this is what I did. When moving the plugin file into the effects folder, you CANNOT move the entire file at the same time, you have to open the file and then move each plugin into the effects folder ONE AT A TIME. I must have missed reading that instruction somewhere! Hope this helps someone else :wink:
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