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  1. These are my attempts! I probably rushed it a bit and next time will take more care over the colours and form.
  2. Great tutorial! Thank you. Here's my attempt: It took me a while and I think I'll need more practice on the flow lines and other bits but I'm relatively pleased with the results.
  3. Yeah, I know. I'll stop with my humour now
  4. Oh my! I've not been here long but it's great to see what people look like and match names to faces There are sooo many young (and some not so ), talented people here! When I was young(er) we didn't even have a PC! At school we had those old BBC computers Anyway, here's me (I'm 27), edited with PDN using B&W and some glow, I think: I have new hair now (a fringe :shock:) but don't have any semi-decent pics
  5. Hehe! I got a bearded man (wouldn't like to even guess who ) In fact, I'm still seeing him 3 minutes afterwards!
  6. I'm off to check out Last.FM now Edit: The "similar" thing is a bit like what's on Pandora as far as I can tell.
  7. On my playlist: Kings of Leon - *ahem* on Fire (The *ahem* is for a word associated with copulating but maybe not family friendly ? ! ) Korn - Freak on a Leash Linkin Park - Lots of songs Scouting for Girls - Lots of songs The Fray - How to save a life GooGoo Dolls - Iris and many more but I've lost the will to type them all
  8. MarshmallowGherkin ~ I really like the first image - it looks dreamy-like (or what my dreams look like!) This is my first post in the Pictorium I'm a newb to all this but I've been following lots of tutorials and am enjoying learning. I followed a tutorial by MadJik and added a load of my own bits to it...I like the outcome so thought I'd share it here. Sorry if it's a bit amateur! Let me know what you think? e.g. Are my eyes sooo blurry that I'm seeing good when it's rubbish?
  9. Thanks for the Tutorial! I attempted it but I think it's a bit too advanced for me yet OnlyMe is a name I use on some other forums
  10. Oh I like that a lot, Atze Peng. I did something similar but my laptop crashed and I lost it....silly me for not saving!
  11. KellyB

    Kiosk Orbs!

    Thank you for a great and very detailed tutorial! I've been at it for about 2 hours now I didn't put anything in the orb yet but I will have a go later! I think I went a bit wrong as there is a black bar at the top (no idea where that came from ), the middle chrome bit isn't continuous and part of my middle circle got chopped off!. I think I'll have another go when I'm not so brain-dead!
  12. Wow! I love this tutorial. I've spent ages playing around with things...although I need some more practice methinks! hearts_dreams - I love the colours in yours! I was aiming for something similar but scrapped it! Following instructions: Playing around:
  13. Thanks for the great tutorial, Ash. I love it! I'm trying to think what I can use them on My gradient and paneling settings were different but I just played with the settings until I got something I liked. I do love learning new things! I spy....
  14. Thanks for this tut. I've always wanted to know how to do this! Here's my effort:
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