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  1. These are my attempts! I probably rushed it a bit and next time will take more care over the colours and form.
  2. Great tutorial! Thank you. Here's my attempt: It took me a while and I think I'll need more practice on the flow lines and other bits but I'm relatively pleased with the results.
  3. I tried it for a day. I love the non clutter, it's looks clean and fresh. I like the one box to search and insert site addresses. I don't like the fact that when you close the last tab, the whole browser closes. I don't like the spell checker thing. I typed "ok" and it had a red line with no way to add to the dictionary and the alternatives that came up were nothing like the word "ok". I hope there will be options to change the colour scheme. For me, it seems FF is faster. I don't ever use IE anymore so haven't compared it with that. I'm a creature of habit So maybe I'll have to use it
  4. KellyB

    Oma's gallery

    I love the work in progress shots The pineapple looks like it's coming on really well. I look forward to seeing the final image My favourite of yours though, is your signature. It's beautiful!
  5. Geertjee ~ Thank you one_witch ~ Thank you I can't remember how I blended it now pestilence ~ I'm sure I'm new Thank you The tutorial for the blood one is by the-silent-9, here
  6. Hey there I'm quite new to Paint.net but have been following tutorials and finding my way around the program. The tutorials are a fantastic way to learn and produce some really good effects. So thank you to those who take time to write them I thought I'd be brave and show some of my work so I could get some feedback as to where I'm going right and wrong So here's what I've done so far (quite a few, didn't realise how many!): From various tutorials: Adding some different effects: Waterdrop: Black & White: Exploding Planets: Chrome: Roses: Kiosk Orb: Fire:
  7. I once ate a battered, deep fried Mars bar....it was....interesting! Not something I wish to repeat though I've just discovered Oreos....they're kinda new over here (where I live, at least) and they are so yummy with milk! My favourite and "speciality" is: Chicken breast, chopped bacon, diced carrots, chopped broccoli, garlic and diced onion: All cooked in a pan and then double cream added for a few minutes at the end of cooking time, to coat it. Mixed and eaten with pasta...it's yummy! A bit fattening but it has vegetables in it to cancel that out!
  8. I have a MySpace account that I don't use anymore. I have a Facebook account that I do use. I'm an "online" person. I embrace being able to chat, learn, have fun etc through my laptop. Some people may see that as "sad" or whatever but it suits me. I enjoy it. I'm not hurting anyone. I live on my own, I've moved about quite a bit and only have a few friends I see on a regular basis. That will probably change once I'm more settled but for now, I enjoy wasting my time online MySpace, for me, was always more for band info and checking out new music. I got fed up of the constant friend requests
  9. Yeah, I know. I'll stop with my humour now
  10. Oh my! I've not been here long but it's great to see what people look like and match names to faces There are sooo many young (and some not so ), talented people here! When I was young(er) we didn't even have a PC! At school we had those old BBC computers Anyway, here's me (I'm 27), edited with PDN using B&W and some glow, I think: I have new hair now (a fringe :shock:) but don't have any semi-decent pics
  11. Hehe! I got a bearded man (wouldn't like to even guess who ) In fact, I'm still seeing him 3 minutes afterwards!
  12. ^ Is correct < Is eating IceCream even though it's 01:01. \/ Should be in bed, asleep.
  13. I'm off to check out Last.FM now Edit: The "similar" thing is a bit like what's on Pandora as far as I can tell.
  14. On my playlist: Kings of Leon - *ahem* on Fire (The *ahem* is for a word associated with copulating but maybe not family friendly ? ! ) Korn - Freak on a Leash Linkin Park - Lots of songs Scouting for Girls - Lots of songs The Fray - How to save a life GooGoo Dolls - Iris and many more but I've lost the will to type them all
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