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  1. Loved your sig's. You do good work. I really liked the Daredevil, Blind Lawyer. It was a great movie.
  2. "Apex." "Turning Point." "A Shot of Lime." "Pyro's Medallion."
  3. I tried to down load that plugin and all I get is a blank page. Can anyone help me get this plugin?
  4. The link for Shadow Effect (like google maps) by Ryanr23 no longer works. Can anyone help me get that plugin?
  5. Thank you very much. Also the AVI Import plugin is a God-send. I go crazy trying to do it the hard way. I want to make animated gif images of AVI things that I shoot with my camera. Again...... thanks........
  6. The Shape 3D down load link doesn't work anymore. Can someone help fine a link for that effect. Thanks.
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