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  1. All right, here's my problem. I have Paint.net open. I make a black background with a white circle in the middle on the same layer. I execute the PSFilter plugin. I browse to the directory where the plugin and the exe file is. I click "Add." I click on Photoshop's "Liquify" filter. The PSFilter comes up with a black screen. Shouldn't I see my white circle in it? All I get is a black screen. I tried an orange background with a yellow circle and the filter brings up a black screen.

  2. I'm under the impression that this plugin isn't working right at the moment so I'm going to wait to see the outcome of all this. I don't understand what the advantage of this plugin is, compared to Microsoft Animator for instance. I used MS Animator to assemble my current sig after making 6 different frames with PdN (each frame was on it's own layer). Maybe someone could enlighten me.

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