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  1. The browser I am using is Firefox 3.01 . As far as just writing in the code, I have no idea what ones to write in for each different smiley. I only been using a computer for just over a year now so I am not that hot on smiley codes. Writing in the codes that appear on the error page does not work either. I`ll have a go with IE7 and see what happens but I would prefer to use FF.
  2. I hope this is the right place for this question. It`s just that when I try to use the smilies on the left hand side when I am posting I always get this - Not Found The requested URL /:wink: was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at paintdotnet.forumer.com Port 80 Why is this? I can include smilies from off site by pasting in the URL, but there are ones specific to PDN on these forums which I cannot use.
  3. It does need some work on it . This was me just getting to know the program. I just thought I would post it to compare with the other one. I`ll fix it sometime but at the moment I am more interested in creating new images. Here is one I made this evening - I gave the text layer a slightly different water reflection + drop shadow to set it apart from the main image.I was not too sure if it looked right but in the end I left it as it is.
  4. There is already a tutorial for this here by Expiration - viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22045 I just adapted it to suit the photo and played around with the reflections until I was happy.
  5. The marble was from Drakaan`s tut on PDN Fanatics Forum. I have changed a few things though to try to get it as realistic as possible. Just wish I could remember which ones! I`ll have to do another one to jog my useless memory. Thanks for the tip about the edges oma. I`ll sort it out and post the result.
  6. This is my `glassy marble'. I think it needs to be a brighter colour though, but as it was my first go I was quite pleased with the result.
  7. Yes I really should do something about that. It kind of spoils the whole thing.
  8. I have not started my own gallery yet but I have got some pics posted in the Spacescape tuts and in the crystallize effect tut if your interested. Like you say, the program is basically easy to use but knowing how to get the best from it takes a bit more time. Goonfella
  9. I`d just like to say hello to everyone, I have just recently joined the forum. I have only had PDN a few months so am still on a bit of a learning curve. I would not say I am naturally artistic but I do enjoy following the tutorials. At the moment I am just discovering what this excellent program can do.Some of the images made with it are simply stunning. Goonfella
  10. Really enjoyed this tut. Here is what I came up with-
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