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  1. Hi, This is my first try: And I used your tut to make this glass vase: Greetz
  2. Hi, Love your artwork, especialy the ones with the hex grid. Wonder how you did the fur on the bee... greetz
  3. I made another butterfly, it's all from scratch and pdn only... I'm thinking about making a tut 'cause I haven't seen one about making a butterfly. well, here they are.
  4. Thank you! I also think it would be nice if you saw a silhouette at the other side of the table. I'll work it out... Again thanks for the idea. Here's another pic I made... Using clouds for the background and a gausian blur to let the letters "melt"...
  5. Thank you Here is one more It's a cute pic I think..
  6. I used my sky drive, now I've put them on photo bucket..
  7. Sorry, having a little trubble with the site... :?
  8. Welcome to my gallary! _,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_ This are my Butterflys: _,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_ My abstracts: _,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_ Misc stuff: _,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_,.-""-.,_
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